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Woot For Bog Bowls


It's ugly ain't it? Save for the one dente VFT. (I ordered it from Andy's store, woot. I ordered the red dragon too but I buried it so it doesn't look nice anymore. :/) I'm eagerly awaiting the time that it will actually have a lot of green and a little less brown..and death and evil. :p My sarrs have been through a lot. >_> I'm also having a bit of trouble keeping it nicely hydrated.. I need an R/O unit first. Then it'll be easy... I'm just being too conservative with my distilled water. I'm hoping that it will be "pretty" by at least August.
Don't you mean "w00t!" lol.

It will fill in just fine. You should take a picture every Monday at the same time so then you can have a cool slide show of all the plants expanding and growing.

I like it! Should look great later on! On another note, I find it very funny that we are williong to spend so much money on water for our "pets". In addition to carnivorous plants, I keep a saltwater aquarium, and they swim in only premium DI water. I'll guarentee you their water is cleaner than any air I have ever had the privledge of breathing!
I keep a reef tank to and agree its amazing what i do to have clean water for my fish/corals and now plants.
Hey that bog looks great, I agree it will fill in. My old wagon bog is growing like crazy and catching insect like crazy to. I've been keeping my bog watered with the air conditioner water that drains from the drip pipe and so far everything is growing and doing well and being in the south, I got plenty of it.
I have a bowl right outsie it has primuliflora,Drosera venusta,Drosera capensis,red vft and dentae vft they love it and turn bright right the vfts look almost purple :)


The ufo nep it's pitcher got sqwashed before I could get it IDed

scorpoides they go dormant alot from the heat

Primuliuflora flower they smell sweet

Nepenthes ventrisco

bog bowl

got to the seed pod to late(primuliflora)

Bog Bowl
I am moving so I have to bareroot everything and wait for them to get reastablished. :(
I keep seeing all these great pictures of bog bowls. I think I'll start one this year sometime!
They are eay and look good if you buy a good bowl I like the looks of perilite in the mix you should make it airy with it so the mix does not look flat that just my opinion.
That's how I got started. :D I kept seeing the bowls in this forum and I was already looking for a way to keep the peat from freezing in my pots.. and I found a giant bowl at work.. so I went for it! I really can't wait to see the way it will look next year after everything is 100% settled in. I doubt I'll get a whole lot of growth this year, but I know that sarrs grow incredibly fast underneath the soil! Those rhizomes get HUGE.
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My one and only sarracenia made a second growing point yay!:banana2:
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Wow, it makes those traps look TINNY how big is that pot?

I did a bog thingie that I tore apart this year... It was really cool looking though :) (and not a bowl)

I can't find any from the very start... so here is one from near start to on near end... (just under 2 years between these 2 pictures)

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Whoa! I can see why you tore it down! The capensis just took over!

The bowl I'm using is... 22 inches in diameter. It's only about 8 inches deep (and that's in the center) so I kinda wish it was deeper but it's got tons of surface area. I also think it's now complete.. I really don't want to squeeze anymore sarrs in there. I might add another VFT or so but that's it.
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Ahhh, that explains it!!
That's where the stock of capensis for my store came from :p I think I got 65 full size capensis. And the binata had roots about 2 ft long, so i chopped those up and put them back in the pot, now it's lots of binata plants (and a few more capensis from some roots i left in there haha) I was amazed with the growth of the S. minor seedling and S. catsbaie over the 2 years in this thing.
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andrew You cant even see where some of those Sarr flowers are coming from!

What species was in it? S. purpurea I presume?
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yes, correct (see it in the first picture up in the same corner ;-) )
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See, I have a way of keeping a capensis under control, should it somehow find its way to my bog bowl... My bog bowl is a temperate bog bowl.. it's gonna get reeaaally cold. I don't think capensis can handle the winters here since I have trouble getting sarrs to.

I really can't wait for my bog bowl to look like a CP jungle.

I think I was to try and add SOME kind of drosera though.. something that will go dormant but can handle temps in the teens.