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D. paradoxa propagation W/PICS

I took some leaf pullings from my D. paradoxa about 8 months ago and put them in a tube filled with R/O water.
Since then my mother plant died while I was away.
I decided to plant up the leaf pullings that sprouted.
Here are some pics that show my method of leaf pulling propagation.
The tube of water was :hail:Jimscotts idea so I take no credit for it.
tube o pullings



Potted up


With humidity dome


Hahahaha, I have the exact same test tube thing, except I use it to keep paperclips :p
Cool ! I will try, I have try with drosera capensis but not thing happen !!
I've found that some Drosera cuttings can just be thrown in a bowl of distilled water, and they root within a few weeks.
Nice save! I knew that centrifuge looked familiar! I wonder if I can do this with leaves from a dormant plant?
Well done. Just in the nick of time, eh? I always love when people use those tubes. It looks so... scientific!

hahahha very nice!
i need to get me some of these dews....
Here's something I've been doing this summer:


I've been tossing sundew seeds, B. liniflora seeds, D. binata and filiformis leaves in there. Obviously, the binata leaves are responding. I expect the filiformis leaves to do so soon. The various other dew seeds are duds.