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  1. MadAboutCPs

    For Trade Nepenthes edwardsiana (10 fresh seeds) for trade

    THIS TRADE HAS ENDED. For trade are 10 fresh Nepenthes edwardsiana seeds which I just received today. Reason I am getting rid of, is I don't have any more room in my setup to grow any more of this species. The seeds are not wild collected. I bought them. They were harvested 2nd July 2017, so...
  2. NemJones

    Unknown Aloe/Succulent ID

    From a turn of recent events, I now have 2 new succulents. One is a jade plant, and the other is some form of aloe that I havent seen before. If you look carefully at the tip of each leaf, you will notice that there is a very sharp spine. It also appears that each leaf...
  3. Shadowtski

    Akai Ryu from Flower Scape Cutting

    Today I potted up a baby VFT "Akai Ryu". I bought the parent plant from FlyTrapShop.com. It arrived on May 3rd. It started to send up a flower scape soon after it arrived. I cut the scape and tossed it in some live sphagnum on May 28th. On July 23rd, I saw several growth buds appear. Today it...
  4. Shadowtski

    Beginner's Pictorial Guide to Drosera Leaf, Root, and Scape Cutting Chapter #1

    Most Drosera can be easily and quickly propagated by leaf cutting, root cuttings, and flower scape cuttings. (A flower scape is just another words for the developing unfurling flower stalk as it emerges from your plant.) This will give you a mature plant faster than raising one from seed...
  5. thez_yo

    LACPS meet!

    I love going up to the LACPS meets cuz I get to go up and meet up with Not a Number, so I headed up today to go say hi! Usually I bring some stuff up, but I had to go empty-handed today because nothing I've got in propagation right now has the proper amount of roots. The meet was at UC...
  6. Brolloks

    Alternatives to Artificial Rooting Hormone

    Hi all, Came across this blog while surfing the net. The person did a little home-experiment with honey, Artificial Rooting Hormone: Bayer Seradix B No. 2, and Aspirin: Compral (100 mg Paracetamol, 400 mg aspirin) contains aspirin (salicylic acid), which is a product of willow bark...
  7. Doomsday

    Doomsday's Trading Station

    Hey, guys. Rather than post for each individual plant, or every time I have/want something new, I figured doing all of my trading in one the place would make things easier to keep track of, for everybody. Haves: Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytraps): "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" Drosera (Sundews): D...
  8. bluemax

    Propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings

    Some years back I saw a short article in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter where a grower was describing how they had taken some of the plantlets that are often formed on the old flower stalks of Drosophyllum lusitanicum and rooted them into new plants. However, it seems no one I have heard from...
  9. R

    Dahlia tenuicaulis (everblooming tree Dahlia) 2 feet (3 cuttings): Giveaway

    I basically just cut my sister's Dahlia tenuicaulis to the ground. It needed a little (or a lot) of pruning and rejuvenation. This is a moderately fragrant, magenta-flowered plant, which tends to be bushier than Dahlia imperialis. It also tends to bloom more year round, instead of just...
  10. R

    Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies' giveaways and trade

    The giveaway is for one plant each for two people, usual rules. I'll try to do this by noon on Thursday, as I would really like to ship on Friday. Shipping $7 Paypal. That leaves me 3, none of which I want to keep, plus an unrooted one with odd coloration, which is also fair game, but it...
  11. R

    Tacitus bellus (Graptopetalum bellus)

    I saw this for sale today at a local nursery and couldn't resist. It's the only species in its genus (if in fact Tacitus is considered valid). Notably, it does best (or needs?) considerable shade. For me, that's a big one, as I can't grow most succulents (for long) due to lack of sun. The...
  12. R

    Passiflora (Passionflower, Passionfruit) Thread

    I noticed that there was a Passiflora thread on Terraforums, but many years ago. I thought it was time to start a new one. Although pictures of flowers can be flashy, I want to encourage people to post picture, comments, questions about whatever... Fruits, leaves (some species are grown...
  13. R

    Bomarea "Yellow" (P. caldasii or P. superba???) seedling for highland Nepenthes or?

    Bomarea "Yellow" (B. caldasii or B. superba???) seedling for highland Nepenthes or? This is an amazing Bomarea which grows at the SF Botanical Garden: The umbels are HUGE. I don't know if anyone has settled on a name. I've heard both a variety of B. caldasii, and also B. superba. This is...
  14. R

    Drosera binata 'Marston's Dragon' Giveaway

    (Edit: correction to the name: Drosera binata 'Marston Dragon') I will ultimately be giving away several plants, most likely, plants that resulted when I divided a new plant. I just divided the plant. Because the roots will not immediately be extensive, and the plant will need adjustment...
  15. R

    Making lots more Drosera binata 'Marston's Dragon'

    I realize D. 'Marston's Dragon' is not exactly uncommon, nor is it difficult to propagate. This thread is mainly to document the origins of some plants I'll post as giveaways. I also wanted to ask some questions along the way, as I have a almost no experience propagating any Droseras. I...
  16. Not a Number

    Drosera hamiltonii - two different clones (SoCalPing $32)

    Drosera hamiltonii - two different clones (as labeled) West Australia and Esperance Region, SW Australia D. hamiltonii is a fairly easy to cultivate rosetted sundew from Western Australia. This species apparently is self-incompatible so genetically different plants are needed to produce seed...
  17. Not a Number

    Drosera slackii (jcal $30)

    Drosera slackii This sundew has been called "a living jewel from South Africa" by Robert Gibson. While no more difficult to grow than most other South African evergreen Drosera getting to conditions right in order for the plants to flower has been a challenge for me. That and getting nice fat...
  18. Alvin 415

    Aeroponic cloner for Nepenthes cuttings?

    Has anyone tried using one of the commercially available cloners for Nepenthes cuttings? The ICPS website mentions aeroponic propagation, and has a couple of pictures of it, but doesn't go into any detail. The cloners are relatively inexpensive now, so I'm thinking it'll be fun to try. If...
  19. R

    Looking for Nepenthes bicalcarata. Trade for Dracula vampira and/or other non Cps

    This is sort of a redo of a post I had from about a month ago: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/138143-Dracula-vampira-Seeks-Fanged-Nepenthes-Companion-Offers-Division-of-Self?highlight=kahl I showed a friend who does not grow Nepenthes a photo of Nepenthes bicalcarata and he...
  20. ps3isawesome

    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    I want a pot full of Pinguicula, so I've decided to look into propagation with leaf pulling I understand that they need to be in those winter succulent form leafs. Are this Pinguicula ready?? Thanks!