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Drosera slackii

This sundew has been called "a living jewel from South Africa" by Robert Gibson. While no more difficult to grow than most other South African evergreen Drosera getting to conditions right in order for the plants to flower has been a challenge for me. That and getting nice fat globs of "dew" on the leaves more than a few days out of a month! This plant is distinctive with its "guitar" shaped leaves and the sparse coarse red hair on the undersides of the leaves. Propagate easily from leaf or root cuttings.

Plant will be shipped bare root. US only. Winner pays shipping $5.95 USPS Priority. Shipping can be combined with other items. I cannot provide phytosanitary or nursery certificates.

Bidding starts at $2.00

Plants will be from the propagation tub below

Plants grown in better lighting:
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Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
Shipping payment and info received. Label printed and will ship today. Tracking# to winner.
Tracking info shows delivered at mailbox 29 Apr 2015.
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Auction closed.
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