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  1. swords

    Magnesium sulfate anyone?

    I have sprayed my orchids with a low dose of MgS otherwise known as Epsom salts to counteract the constant use of R/O and distilled water. What I'm wondering is if any of you long time Nep growers have noticed a need for applying this as a foliar spray on occasion?
  2. swords

    Faucet vs reverse osmosis feed line

    I've got the reverse osmosis unit processing a few buckets of water but there is a slim bead of water at the connection of the sink and the R/O feed line adapter which is causing me a bit of anxiety. it's not spurting out, the connection is tight but it still causes water to run down the faucet...
  3. swords

    More reverse osmosis questions

    Ok, I scored the little adapter I needed to make the water inlet on the R/O machine fit on my sink at home depot (about $2.89) and everything fits together now. I will go get a water storage tub tomorrow and start it up but I'm curious, the "manual" (one xeroxed sheet of paper) says to never let...
  4. swords

    Reverse osmosis owners

    I finally broke down and ordered an R/O machine for making water so I no longer have to lug home 10+ jugs a week. I ordered a Captive Purity 3 stage 75GPD unit from Marine Depot. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow or Wed. as I paid for next day delivery. I ordered the Flush valve kit which is...
  5. goldtrap2690

    Reverse osmosis system

    I just figured out i had a r/o system under my sink , well actually i knew a while ago but i was too lazy to post . i also figured out that I hav been usin the wrong type of water all this time , brita , refrigerator and others i can't remeber . well now i'm not gonna make that mistake. well the...
  6. swords

    N. eustacya var. waxyensis

    I've had my N. eustachya for a while now and I'm pleased with the way it's growing but the top surfaces of the leaves have a very thick whitish waxy coating or something that almost resembles calcium or sodium stains. I only use R/O and distilled water combined with occasional light doses of...
  7. swords

    Ceph too cold?

    I've had my ceph since early July and I'm keeping it in with my highland nepenthes so it goes from 75-85* daytime to 50* at night with an aproximate humidity of 80%. I will be getting a humidistat to plug my humidifier into in a few days so I will "know" it's 80% but I'm wondering if I should...
  8. swords

    How important is pot size also moisture indicator"

    I usually use pots from 6" to 9"-10" for my Neps-even if they're rather smaller plants (i.e immature 3-6" plants), is there any problems with doing it this way? Someone mentioned it might be better if I'd use smaller pots but my hypothesis is that I wouldn't have to repot for a much longer time...
  9. R

    water issue

    Currently I am using a R/O filter for my CP collection. My collection grows with every season. Our household is now on well water with a high iron content. I'm sure this put much additional strain on the R/O filter Anyone out there have a better system for a pretty good size collection...
  10. R

    terrarium question

    Ok everyone, another terrarium question. I currently have my terrarium set up with the plants in pots that are resting on tiles just below rock level. I use a misting system with R/O water. I have set up a recovery tank for excess water to drain into. I have been afraid to recycle this water due...
  11. P

    Just got a Sundew

    Hello today I just got this planty it's sticky part are all dryish but not completly. I took its little wanna be platic terrium thingy off and put it my cp tank and misted it with some R/O water, is this ok? .Its fairly large compared to my other cp's about 6 inches tall. Other tan the litlle...