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  1. Zero

    how do I take care of snails?

    I have a 3 gallon bowl that I had some aqutic utrics in but they died rather quickly. anyway, they came with some common freshwater snails and I have just left the bowl alone for them to live in. now the bowl is green with algea and otherwise nasty. I have tried putting them in my 10 gallon...
  2. O

    Lifetime R/O unit - $77

    So i combed through a couple of websites looking for a r/o unit and came across this- http://www.pwgazette.com/model77.htm Anybody looking for a cheap reliable unit should check this one out. They sell different models as well.
  3. JMurphy97

    Does R/O water cycle faster or longer?

    I'm trying to set-up a small fish tank for my little niece who loves fish. She will be 2 on May8th. Her dad, my brother is kinda a punk and has better things to do then to be a dad to her. Kinda how my dad was to me. So anyway she is kinda sick and is at Children's Hospital. I'm not sure for how...
  4. JMurphy97

    R/O water for planted tanks

    I know R/O water has nothing in it and that plants need the minerals and all that but what are things to add in to make it good for plants?
  5. Zero

    help, my R/O unit isn't working

    I purchased a r/o unit 9 monthes ago and it has worked great until recently. The water flow from the faucet has been reduced to a slow drip. does anyone know if cold water would cause it to do this, or is it the r/o filter? if anyone know what would fix this please post. the r/o unit is a 5...
  6. JMurphy97

    Good R/O unti?

    I was thinking it would be cheaper in the long run to just get a R/O unit instead of a buck every gallon or distilled water. Is this a good one to get? http://www.thatpetplace.com/Product....00.aspx If not what would be a good one to get.
  7. Capslock

    Final backyard bog decision time!

    Hello, OK, I met with the landscaper today, and am putting in a couple pond-liner-style bogs in the back yard. My option is to have them undrained and water with R/O water by hand, or have them drain and use our tap water. I've tds-tested our water and it's 110ppm. This is borderline, which is...
  8. swords

    Wilted Brugmansia by mail

    Hey folks, I've always had good experiences ordering plants by mail by being careful but today I received a dire looking Brugmansia "Dr Seuss" hybrid (huge yellow flowers) but the seller washed the roots free of any soil and it appears he may have even cut them shorter! The rest of the plant...
  9. M

    r/o unit ?

    hello , due to the price of bottled water my dad will be getting a r/o unit ,i told him to wate befor he gets it, becaus i knew ya'll would know the best brands and what exactly to look for when getting one from the store ( costco, e-bay ) well, it will be for him and my sister not my...
  10. Capslock

    New, large bog garden coming.

    Hey, I'm about to re-landscape my back yard, and am going to install a bog garden as part of a water feature. I intend to grow Sarras, Darlingtonia, vfts, and hardy drosera. Here are the condiderations: 1) First issue, water. I've tested my tap water, and found to my pleasant suprise that the...
  11. I

    Newbie terrarium dying

    I just started a 10 gal terrarium, 40 W fluorescent, sealed except for a crack in the lid, 80% humidity, 80 temp. I have 2" of clay pellets on the bottom, covered by nylon, then a 50/50 mixture cocofiber/tree bark originally soaked in a small amount of DynaGro fertilizer added to the 1 1/2...
  12. J


    I understand that we are supposed to use Distilled water, rain water, or R/O water. Has anyone tried using boiled water? I mean, boil tap water, then let it sit in a container of some sort. Then use this as the water source.
  13. vft guy in SJ

    R/o system

    Hey all.. I ran across this site today that I thought I would share. This R/O system is portable and operates on standard household water pressure. Can be adapted to fit any faucet or garden hose. Perfect for people who dont have tons of cash or dont want to mess with rigging plumbing and a...
  14. Capslock

    Some new pics finally!

    Well, after six weeks of home-remodelling exile, I'm back in the dusty house. My plant-sitter was, well, she tries hard. But she just can't get enough water on the plants, and some dry out. Admittedly, it's hard to get enough water from my little R/O tank to water everything. Sadly, I lost one...
  15. Lauderdale

    Reverse osmosis

    I am going to buy a reverse osmosis system and would like advice on a particular system that I have found on ebay.  It claims 100 GPD output, which is a bit of over kill but "what the hey". The web address is; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....01&rd=1 The "buy now" price is $99 + $30 S&H. -Do any of...
  16. swords

    Changing R/O filters

    Hi folks, About 2 years ago I got tired of lugging jugs of water home so I bought an R/O and think it's great but I'm wondering if I should change the carbon block or TFC membrane yet? The manual (a xeroxed sheet) said when the flow of good water is reduced it needs replacement but I can still...
  17. S


    Hello Guys,     I have always used rainwater for my CPs, but this is going to have to change.  I am now using almost 5 gallons a day and I just don't have the time any more to fill up milk gallons.  I have been thinking about getting a R/O filter, but I have a few questions.   -Can R/O Filters...
  18. swords

    tiny white critters

    Upon close insepection of my plants today I noticed some very small white or yellowish white things which wander all surfaces of the plant. They don't seem to sit stationary for too long. I have used clear tape to nab most of them and now I've just misted the two plants down with Shultz brand...
  19. swords

    Phrag i just got has bad soil fungus

    About two weeks ago I purchased a Phrag. Eric Young 4N which is just starting it's inflorescence (made it's first flower bud) but after this time I see it has a very bad soil fungus attack. Today when I looked in my highland tank it looked as though the soil in the Phrag pot was wearing a thick...
  20. K

    Tamlin thank you

    I just received some Drosera scorpioides from you in the mail, thank you so much. Seeing as these are my first pygmies would you be willing to offer any cultural advice?  Ive read most of whats available about this species but its always nice to hear from a grower, especially when there in the...