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All SEASON green house! Advice needed!!!

Hello all Im planning on constructing or buying a all season green house and need some friendly advice. Im in need of a GH I live in MN which is zone 3b in hardiness. Price does not matter ATM was looking to spend around 10k if need be. Dimensions are about 6x10m and have about 2 stories (about 15feet) of height that can be utilized if not more. Mainly just need help determining what type of materials I need. I was thinking galvanized steel for the frame with fiber glass/poly carb double layer sheets for frame covers. I was planning on using an rigid frame that would be a lean-to on the house. Have gas line and water hose that is in the same area so all that can be incorporated will be able to hook up a R/O system to the hose. It is in a west direction which is kinda not ideal but I can supplement lighting with artificial light if need be have plenty of lighting that I use in my own inside setup and if not Ill buy a 1k watt MH or less depending. Also have several strong pumps that will be used to misting/watering all will be automated. Just need intake/exhaust fans and a heating unit which I was checking out gas heaters and boy are they expensive! Propane seems like a cheap relaible alternative if not eletric heaters but that would run the risk of not working if there was a power outage or some unexpeceted event. But also to couter act that possibliy get a generator or seperate batteries that the GH would solely use. Was considering using BTU's but that would take up a whole heck of space with barrels. Even just a quote or general idea of how much or what else I could be missing would be helpful. I would prefer the cheapest way really convience isnt much of an issue I have plenty of time and people that would be able to help build/construct it compared to buying a premade GH that a lot of websites advertise. Maybe cutting sheets would be the only problem but any suggestions again would help.

Any ideas would be helpful I'm still extremely new to the subject and must do more research. Prefer not spending thousands of dollars talking to an "expert" which I was quoted at $500 an hour. Thank you in advance.
I would avoid utilizing all of the 15' height you have available, as you know heat rises, and heating very tall greenhouses can get amazingly expensive. I was thinking of doing a little write up on building small greenhouses, since not much info out there deals with anything non commercial sized, and when they do they aren't meant to be used year round. I actually had to take a horticulture class on building greenhouses at my college to fix my small greenhouse, which I had put together using information found on the internet and was sitting at an oh some comfortable 130 degrees with 20% humidity (bear in mind it was 80 degrees outside and 60%) >.< If you have any questions I can help you with, feel free to ask :)
With your climate you might want to read up on Walipini/pit greenhouses. If you have the money to spend to dig a pit, your heating bills will be more digestible over the years.
If you can't dig you can always do a low cement block curtain wall to drastically increase your R value.
Well unfortunatey its probably not really possible to dig due to the fact the area that I want it in already has a cement foundation that is used for a patio (thats not untilzed enough reason why for conversion). Ive read that having a "curtain" about 24inches or about 2 feet would defintely help with insulation and keep things more stable. Ive read they use metal sheets but cement seems a bit more pratical and would seem just as good for longevity, insulation, and costs.
Though it is a great idea and I wish I could dig it would be more then likely the best option in my area.

Ive looked at this website http://epicgreenhouses.com/extreme-weather-greenhouses.php and would like an opinon on the brands listed there. I will investigate more but I was gearing towards a SunGlo brand or Julian Premium GH. They are kits which would make construction a lot easier.
These are possible considerations;
I have the Sunglo 8.5x12 and it is incredibly well insulated and I'm pretty sure they're built to handle a decent snow load. I've only read about the Julians but those seem to be a very well built greenhouse as well. If you do go with the Sunglo you can pick one up from Costco's website for much cheaper than sold on the specialty greenhouse sites, and they also have sales of up to $500 off the already cheaper price during the summer, I picked up mine for about $3200 shipped.