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  1. J

    Newbie from New York

    Hi there I'm Jessica! I'm new to the wonderful world of carnivorous plants. I currently have two Venus fly traps, a few mixed sarracenia, and one nepenthes. Most are from Lowes, but all are doing very well. I look forward to talking to you all, and learning as much as possible.
  2. I

    One 3 ft Sunblaster T5 HO 6500k light w/ reflecto enough for a 3ftx2ftx2ft grow tent?

    I was reading around on the forums but haven't really found anything talking about just using one light. I currently only am able to get one light fixture so I'll be going with the Sunblaster T5 HO 6500k light fixture w/ reflector. I'll be using this in my grow tent that's surrounded by mylar to...
  3. Mercfh

    New from Ky

    Hi all, im pretty new to the hobby but like with most things I get into I have to know EVERYTHING about them. Almost to the point of OCD. That being said this looks like an awesome place to meet people and gather information. I've been growing Carnivorous plants for about 6 months now. 2 Cape...
  4. farmertom

    Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

    Okay, so I bought a new LED light- I've been doing some research and talking with folks at the indoor farming store (god bless you berkeley), but it was definitely an impulse buy. Still I think I did it right, though I'd appreciate some knowledgeable feedback. It's a four foot fixture for my...
  5. Dalton

    Is it neccessary to stake sarracenia?

    Hey everyone, I have (3) Sarracenia. One is a NoID and two are recent purchases this year of " S. Leuchophylla 'Hurricane Creek' ". The Hurricane Creek already seems like it's going to be much bigger than my death cube NoID Sarr. The NoID did really well last year and put on a lot of growth...
  6. E

    Cool Growers x Warm Growers

    I want orchids that have a really good grow ethic! If Bob says, "No rest for the wicked!"... I want him to be talking about my orchids. If you're vaguely interested in what I'm talking about... then you might be interested in my hercuthermal experiment. It's a super fancy experiment. Turns...
  7. F

    Anyone grow N. Tenax?

    Hi everyone! I found a listing for N. Tenax seeds this week and i've been toying with the idea of getting some. Does anyone grow these? Are they very hard to grow? Would they be ok for a windowsill type environment? Here's the link if you want to see what im talking about...
  8. Zath

    Indoor Growspace Build

    Been talking about this a lot in chat, and I'm sure everyone there is more-or-less sick of hearing about it by now. Figured it was time to post some pics. ;) Getting started (the linoleum didn't work out), but shows the space formerly occupied by my off-the-shelf plastic tent I had been using...
  9. rakovsky

    History Channel: Incans domesticated carnivorous tubers

    Watch the beginning of this clip from the History Channel: They mention it at 1:00. What "carnivorous" tuber plants are they talking about?
  10. AnIsleAteHer

    Carnivores in South/Southeast Pennsylvania?

    Next week I will be traveling to Harrisburg/Lancaster Pennsylvania. I was wondering if there any spots I should check out within an hour drive of the areas. I would love to see natural habitats, as I am interested in hiking as well. Also interested in conservatories in the area. I found a...
  11. C

    Proper taxonomy for hybrids?

    I'm concerned about nepenthes in particular, but I guess this question applies to all of horticulture. When I write about hybrids I'm never confident that I'm obeying the rules. Here are some of the variations I've seen. N. x ventrata The "x" indicates that this is a hybrid. I assume that this...
  12. katya_dog1

    Hamatas on windowsills

    Does anyone here do this? I know a guy who does this with a Hamata and a Jamban and he has success with it. When I say "windowsill", by the way, I mean any plant that is NOT grown in either a terrarium/chamber or a greenhouse. The particular guy I'm talking about has growlights, but he still...
  13. collin

    Hello from NJ

    Hey all. I'm Collin and I wanted to introduce myself here. I've been lurking for a while (there's a ton of information in this forum) and finally created a profile for the NASC benefit auction. I want to thank everyone involved; that auction was a ton of fun and a great way to get involved in...
  14. adnedarn

    N. ventricosa x aristo female fresh cutting - Monkey $27

    I really love this plant! Even more since today I saw on my main plant that it is a girl... Up for auction is the top half of the right side shoot (that I'm holding with my fingers, I will keep the bottom half). I will clip it the day I ship it so the responsibility of rooting it is yours...
  15. R

    Non CP, (Pre) Giveaway: A pod arrived with seeds that looks like small brains...

    This is not a carnivorous plant. This is slightly premature in a couple ways. I just got some seeds and I'm struck how odd they look when a bit of the skin is peeled off. Notice also the odd gelatinous material associated with the seed, after soaking in water. Interestingly, I have heard the...
  16. P

    Semi mystery plant giveaway

    A most recent giveaway thread listed a H. s. (you go look it up) that has attracted some interest for a part, and parts is parts. Yesterday, in response to a weather chicken little call, of a drop to the low 30's, I put up some/most of my outdoor plants that stay in the garage for the winter...
  17. Nepenthesis

    How to Ship REALLY Big Plants?

    I'm slowly selling my entire plant collection and I have like... a lot of plants that are massive vines. Is it even plausible to ship a 3ft vine? If so, how can it be done and how much does it usually cost to ship such a large, over-sized package? Obviously I'm not talking like a ventrata the...
  18. sarracenia_X

    Keep the National Zoo's Invertebrate House Open! (please?)

    Yesterday, I was pretty slow to get out of bed, typical Saturday for me, stayed up to the wee hours of the morning the night before, playing video games. Then, my parents mentioned going to the National Zoo, and I'm up (relatively) quickly. I always loved going there as a kid, and I still do...
  19. Zath

    Should I try and separate this tangled mess?

    This is my D. Spatulata, looking much better after a week or so in the terrarium, and now I can more clearly see where new growth is coming from. The thing came in a little 2" seedling pot which definitely seems a bit small, but before I consider re-potting, I'd like to know how to go about this...
  20. adnedarn

    adnedarn's reef tank....build and progress

    Hello! You guys helped me rock scape it.... then I finalized the plumbing (I think) and it's been testing with RO water a few weeks now. All seems to be running good, but if you notice I did something wrong, please point it out. I will be having it filled with ocean water very soon...