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Non CP, (Pre) Giveaway: A pod arrived with seeds that looks like small brains...

This is not a carnivorous plant.

This is slightly premature in a couple ways. I just got some seeds and I'm struck how odd they look when a bit of the skin is peeled off. Notice also the odd gelatinous material associated with the seed, after soaking in water. Interestingly, I have heard the young seedlings of this species compared in appearance with the most famous talking (and singing) carnivorous plant out there (Audrey 2).

I'll send a potted seed (either now, with a nascent root/radicle) or later, after the seedling actually emerges in a few days. I'll do this free, including postage, to the first person who correctly guesses what this is.

In 2-4 weeks, when the seedlings start to emerge, I should have 10+ additional seedlings, for postage or for trade. Details then, and no requests in advance.

These may be tricky/risky to send this time of year, as they are true lowland tropicals.

A couple people out there probably know what these are, based on conversations. I assume they will refrain from guessing.

The seed, with some of the skin peeled off, to expose the convoluted insides...

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Could it be a Dypsis bejofo?
No, not Dypsis bejofo. Good guess, though. I had to look that one up: "Brain seed palm".


And keep guessing. I'm OK with multiple reasonable guesses from one person.

The answer is surprisingly not too obscure.
Amorphophallus titanum?
Nope, not an Amorphophallus. Likely something you've eaten, in some form.
Not mango. The seed is roughly an inch in length, probably a little less.
Not Cassava.

I have a little Manihot grahamii, it was interesting to see what the projectile seeds would look like (in a search). I saw Manihot esculenta (Cassava) at Lucky's tonight, labeled "Yucca".
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Looks like brains in a baggie to me lol.
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I guess that leaves Taro.....
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Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is correct.

theplantman, send me your address and whether you'd like a seed sent now (with a root emerging) or whether you'd prefer one after it has emerged from the soil (a couple weeks, or later).
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Neat! Would not have expected that. Have always been intrigued by the fact that the flowers for the cacoa can appear anywhere along the branches or trunk of the tree unlike the vast majority of trees and shrubs which only produce flowers at the growing tips of branches.
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Some photos I found:

Cacao Seeds

Cacao Seedling
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Yay! This'll be great because we don't have a cacao in the collection. Apparently they are a mealybug magnet. Can't wait to grow one!

I was almost wild-guessing the answer. That photo of the seed looked downright creepy!