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  1. M

    My N. Ventricosa's tendrils dry out but my N. Alata does not.

    So I have 2 pitcher plants in a single pot. N.Alata Sprouted around July(Totally accidental, thought this was just a new stem since my ventrata is in a bending position ever since I got it last May). As you can see, my N. Alata(I assume it is alata since it has hairs on the pitcher) has already...
  2. P

    Tuberous drosera dormancy help

    Hello! I just recieved a Drosera zigzagia in the mail and it is just a pot of moss on the surface. I assume it is still dormant. This is my first tuberous Drosera and I want to do it right. How do I go about waking it from dormancy? Do I wait to water until I see growth or should I put it in a...
  3. Benurmanii

    P. chilensis

    Here is a photo of my P. chilensis. You can see some seedlings, that are likely from a seed pod which I forgot to harvest. One of the amazing traits of this plant is that it is completely autogamous! The flowers of P. chilensis are very short, the stalk can be sessile like mine, or a few cm...
  4. gill_za

    Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil vs. prediluted or semi-prediluted neem oil emulsion

    Basically the title. I need to buy Neem and considering between Dyna-Gro pure cold pressed Neem oil and Garden Safe Neem oil which is at 70% but still needs further dilution. I assume if using Dyna-Gro I might need to add a bit of surfactant to the solution to maintain the emulsion when...
  5. thez_yo

    Anyone growing Kiwis?

    I planted some yellow kiwi seeds last summer end of June, and they sprouted and had a few nice leaves. Fall/Winter came along and they lost their leaves. I've read that they're temperate so I assume that's normal. But it's almost 12 months since I planted them, highs in San Diego have hit the...
  6. Gigantea

    Wild Patch of Iris Japonica Discovered

    My whole area tends to be a sort of honey hole where exotic plants grow wildly all over the place. It used to be a massive grass farm eons ago. Several years ago I became aware of a large patch of Giant Japanese Iris (japonica) that was growing in a ditch around the corner from me. I only notice...
  7. apoplast

    ventricosa x ampullaria sexes

    Hi TF - There are a couple nice and easy to grow ventricosa x ampullaria ("x vetrillaria", can that be a thing?), 'Lady Luck' and 'Bloody Mary'. Are these two different clones? And if so, does anyone one know what the sexes are for each of them? Sure, I could assume from the names that they...
  8. Dalton

    Need help with N. Lady Luck, my first Nepenthes

    Hello everyone. I was hoping you guys can help out with a few questions I have about my Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'. This is my first nepenthes. I ordered from a guy online, because the pitchers looked a really cool shade of red and this plant is supposed to do well indoors. Amazon says I ordered it...
  9. summit

    Mystery Pot of Dews

    Purchased this mystery pot of sundews from a nursery that was unfamiliar with them, keeping them in shaded corners and advising me to avoid direct sunlight. I know the majority of the pot is either D. Filiformis or D. Tracyi (How do you tell the difference? Or is it possible at their size?)...
  10. Benurmanii

    Can over-feeding a heliamphora cause the pitchers to develop brown spots?

    I beleive I may have gotten overzealous when I got my Maxsea for Christmas and over-did it on my Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor. The pitcher I sprayed the most seems to be browning a lot (I also attempted to give it some ground up betta pellets in RO water, I know rookie mistake to give it so...
  11. T

    Indoor Wavelength needed for Ping growth

    Hi, I have a terrarium with pings in it. They are doing well. I have had a t5 fixture over them but just got a new one and changed from a coralife to an ATI fixture. I want to order more bulbs. Any recommendation on the type of bulb I should get? Particularly what wavelength is best for their...
  12. K

    Neps in Winter..ahrg!

    Its the beginning of that time of year for me and ..im sure, a few others. WINTER! Though Neps dnt go dormant i do find myself dealing with the dreaded Tiny leaf syndrom during these times when the Neps get brought inside while i seal the windows on the sunporch/greenhouse for my VFTs and Dews...
  13. H

    Two Sarracenia

    Hi, I recently purchased two sarracenias. I assume one of them might be Sarracenia rosea, but the other one I have no clue. Any help?
  14. R

    Giveaway Part I - Nepenthes ampullaria lime twist - LARGE PLANT

    Must be a semi active poster, no new people please. Keep in mind this is a large plant already and will just keep getting larger given proper care. Currently measuring approx. 22" X 18". Currently being grown in a flood/drain setup with it roots allowed to grow down into fertilized water...
  15. Zath

    Sundews from Seed and Choosy Growers

    Was just admiring a couple batches of seedlings and had a thought. With plants like Sarracenia and Nepenthes (and I assume others), often specimens are chosen to keep and propagate based on desirable traits, such as vigor, coloration, morphology, etc. It seems to me, however, that not many...
  16. C

    Proper taxonomy for hybrids?

    I'm concerned about nepenthes in particular, but I guess this question applies to all of horticulture. When I write about hybrids I'm never confident that I'm obeying the rules. Here are some of the variations I've seen. N. x ventrata The "x" indicates that this is a hybrid. I assume that this...
  17. DroseraLover

    Light Timers

    I have twelve 40-watt (150w equivalent) CFL bulbs in my growlight setup. They are hooked into dual light fixture sockets that have a rating of handling up to ~850W. I assume this timer is safe for my setup, as it is rated at handling 1875W, but I thought I would ask here before purchasing since...
  18. katya_dog1

    Hamatas on windowsills

    Does anyone here do this? I know a guy who does this with a Hamata and a Jamban and he has success with it. When I say "windowsill", by the way, I mean any plant that is NOT grown in either a terrarium/chamber or a greenhouse. The particular guy I'm talking about has growlights, but he still...
  19. Not a Number

    Summary of taxonomic changes in Tuberous Drosera

    Since this wasn't shared before by members who have previously had Lowrie's Magnum Opus (published Nov 2013) I thought I'd post a summary of some of the taxonomic changes and new species of Tuberous Drosera published in the work. Please note the old names are still valid and it is up to you if...
  20. Zath

    Fuzzy Rescue

    Well, the title of this sub-forum -does- say "Animal Life"....and it's technically being kept in an aquarium (at the moment). :blush: Anyway... Got home late last night from an out-of-state road-trip. As I was pulling the car into the garage, I saw something small leap away from one of my cats...