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Tuberous drosera dormancy help

Hello! I just recieved a Drosera zigzagia in the mail and it is just a pot of moss on the surface. I assume it is still dormant. This is my first tuberous Drosera and I want to do it right. How do I go about waking it from dormancy? Do I wait to water until I see growth or should I put it in a tray of water. And is it a good idea to unpot and repot? I have a link to the picture below:

I would top water the pot lightly every couple days until you see new growth on the surface which I would expect within the next month. D. zigzagia is a small species so it may be difficult to see when it first emerges. After that, put it in a water tray. The pot actually looks more moist than I've been keeping mine during dormancy. I use a laboratory squeeze bottle, though a spray bottle should work fine too.
Thank you! I'll follow your advice.