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Anyone growing Kiwis?


I planted some yellow kiwi seeds last summer end of June, and they sprouted and had a few nice leaves. Fall/Winter came along and they lost their leaves. I've read that they're temperate so I assume that's normal. But it's almost 12 months since I planted them, highs in San Diego have hit the 90sºF a couple weeks ago, and daylight hours are pretty long already. I've still got little fuzzy 1" green twigs:

Should I be worried? Should I be doing something different?
I've tried sowing yellow kiwi seeds several times without success so unfortunately I can't help. Adult plants are certainly in full growth right now.
Ok, thanks.

I did have a lot die off after they sprouted, so maybe they're just hard to get through that first half year? I've never tried to plant any other type of kiwi so I don't know how they compare. How I sprouted them was in damp paper towels inside a ziplock baggie.