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Well, I used to have a small collection of neps and dews. However, high school started and I started taking AP classes and doing crazy high-school teenager things. I eventually got rather complacent and put everything in a terrarium, where my bad watering habits rather rapidly started an outbreak of black rot that killed pretty much everything. My favorite plant, the G. lobata x flexulosa, withered away inexplicably, until I realized that my R/O filter was broken essentially put out tap water.

I was pretty discouraged from this and gave away my surviving plants (capensis lol); with that I basically stepped out of CPs.

After a while I got into programming, which was pretty good at eating up time.

However, in senior year, my friend who I had given the capensis sparked my interest in CPs again (he now has a backyard littered with neps...). Conveniently, a CP enthusiast who was visiting my school gave me a D. binata (thoroughly infested with U. bisquamata!).

So, with that, I'm starting with a clean slate (and not lurking anymore!). :-))

Also, I'm graduating high school tomorrow! :awesome:
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Great....yet another high-schooler that's smarter than the college dropout. What is it with you guys?


Welcome. Glad you're back into the hobby, and looking forward to seeing pics of your plants as you reestablish your collection. :)
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