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  1. Dexenthes

    Framed Pencil Drawing of Chameleon (No Winner)

    Hey folks. I drew this picture in my art class. It is nothing special, just a chameleon. It is supposed to be a veiled chameleon but it is not 100% anatomically correct. The picture is about 8" x 10" or so. I will mail it in the frame. Not sure what shipping will be on this so I will cover...
  2. GregNY

    Raiden's New Enclosure

    So back in July I happened to go to the White Plains Reptile show to check out reptiles and black jungles' section and ended up coming home with a panther chameleon from screameleons.... 1st Day Did some searching around online and decided I was going to build a nice large 2x3x4 screen...
  3. H

    All-in-one Terrarium

    I was wondering if there are any all-in-one terrarium systems, similar to the all-in-one aquariums like nanocubes or biocubes, but for reptiles. I think it could be great to have a terrarium that had lighting, ventilation, misting/watering, and temperature/humidity control included in one system...
  4. H

    Downsizing Chameleon Cage

    I have a male veiled chameleon who is currently living in a huge cage I built him that is 4ft x 2.5ft x 5ft (L x W x H). I didn't do a very nice finish on the outside, so it looks a little sloppy, and the door is the whole front panel so it takes up a lot of space when it opens. I have decided...
  5. Frilleon

    built new chameleon cage

    Here are some pic's the the cham cage I just built. Front view side view Done open open close up Cham close up done closed Still some tweekin to do, but for the most part he's living in it. Just for fun yellow Saharan Uromastyx
  6. F

    baddest flytrap terrarium video ive ever seen

    the ecosystms in this vdeo are amazing to me . ihav pmd him a few times for reef aquarium help and he toldme about this video of a large terarium globbe that hekeeps flytraps in as well. a chameleon stays in the plants above this tank and stays in a cage at night, coolest fishroom imo ftf...
  7. S

    Poisonous chameleon snake discovered

    Thursday, June 29, 2006; Posted: 1:55 a.m. EDT (05:55 GMT) JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Researchers scouring swamps in the heart of Borneo island have discovered a venomous species of snake that can change its skin color, the conservation group WWF announced Tuesday. The ability to change skin...
  8. M

    Chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata)

    the title should say it all- we got one at a plant sale yesterday and I was intrigued by the notion that such a funky-looking plant MAY live in my bog garden (the cranberries bor the heck outta me and the occasional crabgrass isn't much for "flora" either) Anyways, after checking out the 'net...
  9. Trapper7

    I need advice really bad!

    I live in Canada, but as soon as possible I will be moving to Florida. I want to bring my Chameleon with me. I called the airline yesterday and asked how I could take my Cham with me on the plane and they laughed at me, literally! I can't take her on the plane. Only dogs, cats and some birds are...
  10. D

    Giving away nepenthes in chicago

    anybody from chicago interested in nepenthes argentii, rafflesiana, talangenisis and ramispina for pick-up . and selling a 65 gal. tank 30x20x24 (all sides and bottom) with plexiglax mirrors and a twin compact florecent (2) 96W bulb fixture for $150. need space for my growing chameleon.
  11. Trapper7

    Dino's new home :o)

    I went to the US today and while down there I went into a PetsMart and bought Dino my chameleon a new home It's a 38 gallon and I think she loves it.She's hanging upside down from the top right now WildBill,I hope you like it ~Niki~ http://img275.imageshack.us/img275/4007/dino0030og.jpg...
  12. T

    It fell apart!

    Okay so I have this dish/bowl thing with about 5 air plants and moss with a chameleon statue in the middle, for 2months now. I bought it at Meijers for $14.99 In the past my air plants always dryup, shreivle and die. I have filled the "bowl/dish"(about 1in) of water every week. I keep it in my...
  13. W

    Gypsy's in the news.

    Hi everyone. Our dog, Gypsy made the paper today. Here is the link to the Meriden Record-Journal. It's in the Features section: RecordJournal Not sure how long it will be online. Now if we could only get our chameleon, "Blue" in the news..... WildBill
  14. D

    Newbie looking for ideas

    My family and I are starting a new Terrarium made from a 29 Gallon Fish Aqurium. What I have invisioned is a platform that is raised abou 8" from the bottom of the tank, and stretches about 75% the distance in length across the tank. This platform is where I would like to place my "land"...
  15. elgecko

    New additions

    It's been a long time since I have had lizards. I took down my 40 gallon breeder planted community tank and set it up for lizards again. It's been 6 or 7 years since I've been to a show. There was a lot of nice reptiles and amphibians there. It was hard passing up the baby Veiled Chameleons for...
  16. Trapper7

    Lizard question

    I just looked at Dino my Chameleon and she has some white stuff coming out of both her nostrils.What is that??Does anybody know?I'm worried about her ~Niki~ Here's a pic,you can sorta see the white stuff. http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ferretsinjuly20050098pf.jpg
  17. Trapper7

    Lizard question

    I just looked at Dino my Chameleon and she has some white stuff coming out of both her nostrils.What is that??Does anybody know?I'm worried about her    ~Niki~ Here's a pic,you can sorta see the white stuff. http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ferretsinjuly20050098pf.jpg
  18. T

    Hello, and you?

    So this looks like a good plant forums to be. Might I introduce myself. I'm Cassie, in Ohio. I'm 18 just graduating from a vocational school taking Horticulture. My main interest is animals which hope to go to college for. (I have 1 Beagle, 2 Rabbits, 2 Degus, 1 Chinchilla, 9 Mice, 1 Ameiva, 1...
  19. W

    Got a baby

    Earlier this week we got a baby female Ambanja Panther Chameleon from Amazing Blue Reptiles. She'll be a mate when she is old enough for our adult male, "Blue." She's tiny, only a few inches long, eating pinhead crickets and fruitflies. The two chameleons are not supposed to see each other...
  20. P

    Tarrarium being built

    My dad and I are building a terrarium.. about 50-60 gallon size. once it is built and established, the main plants growing will be CPs.. nepth, dews, bladders, butters, etc. so once these survive me (lol), and are established, what kind of animal could I put in with them, that wont be eaten...