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Raiden's New Enclosure

So back in July I happened to go to the White Plains Reptile show to check out reptiles and black jungles' section and ended up coming home with a panther chameleon from screameleons.... 1st Day

Did some searching around online and decided I was going to build a nice large 2x3x4 screen enclosure for him.

Worked on it for about a month on and off.... I used pine for the wood, aluminum screen, and most importantly tools from my good ol pops.Below are some shots I took over the course of the build....

Tools used for the build

Frames made

Stain 1 coat / 2 coat comparison...

Size reference

Attached screen with many a staple


Stained, nailed, and put together with plexiglass bottom sitting on top to be attached

Front and top with frame lighting

Mistking plumbing


Umbrella tree to be used

Still have some vines and fake plants to situate and then the move is on!

Beautiful! I love the setup and that is a mighty gorgeous chameleon that you have there. :)
Awesome, dude! Nice work.
Thanks a bunch!

I'm having concerns about the lighting not being enough as I have an 18" Zoo Med UVB fixture that'll be situated on top in the middle... Any suggestions?
That thing is INSANE! Awesome work man! Heck, I would be happy hanging out in there!
Thanks Nerd! :)
I used to have a few back in my younger years....Good ol' Stew and Larry! Coolest lizards in the world... I would love to pick another one up since I have most of the supplies to get back in it...

That is until I checked out the price on that bad boy! :0o: Good Lord! Do they offer better pricing at the reptile shows? There is another show on the 23rd. I would like to drive down and check it out if it is a big venue.