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  • see you have a n. albomargibata in your collection any pics. and may i ask where you got it , like to find one of my own. hows the plants doing in the attic mine are frozen solid thru, some i still haven't covered and the dishes underneath are ful, and solid ice. pretty sure there ok though , just need to cover them so the rain doesn't keep filling them to the top.
    don't know about you attic, just make sure it doesnt get too warm in the very early spring, don't want them to break dormancy too soon, but other than that it should do great .
    mayby one of those remote temp devices with the transmitter near the plants, and reciever near your every day hot spot in the house, say next to the coffee.
    Mine stay out of sun also, on the north side of the house to help with over heating issues
    did a few covers to day
    still haven't put the covers on yeat still having warm days and 45 to 55 at night but i think its coming

    Havent forgot you and will post pics when i do hope all is well with you also

    hey guy just wanted to say hello how's your temps our are still warm 70 days 50 nights
    some of my orchids ore lovin it they like cool nights and slight warm days makes for great blooms cymbiduums that is My cp's all still un covered for the time but am watching for that cold snap that wont go away

    Jimmy I'm goinh to have to figure out how to send pics with my posts
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