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All-in-one Terrarium

I was wondering if there are any all-in-one terrarium systems, similar to the all-in-one aquariums like nanocubes or biocubes, but for reptiles. I think it could be great to have a terrarium that had lighting, ventilation, misting/watering, and temperature/humidity control included in one system for my chameleon. Thanks for any links or ideas.
If i see one around Ill shoot you a pm, cuz i am setting up a new tank for my bearded dragon so i might stumble across one, but I would think it would be quite expensive with all the parts built in.
Well, since I haven't found an all-in-one system for reptiles, I am working on trying to create a basic design that may be used to make a base model of one. I plan on incorporating lighting, heating, misting, ventilation/cooling, and a built-on stand/hood into my design. If anyone has any ideas as to what else I should add, please let me know through this thread. I would be happy to have suggestions for this because I only have a veiled chameleon, so other reptiles may be more appreciative of other features. Thanks :)
Well this is a great idea. There are a few basic systems out there (cage, light, heat, etc.). Most are for lizards kept in smaller cages then Chams (chams need rather large cages compared to most other reptiles). As I have all these features built into my cages I can tell you it is much easier and cheaper to build your own cage. Trying to incorperate all these features into one cage will make them costly. My misting system alone was as much as I paid for the cage materials. Also Cham cages tend to be much different then other more common lizard cages. So trying to design a cage that works for both is not really possible. I would not house a bearded dragon in the same cage I would put a cham in. Just doesn't make sence. All these reasons listed above are why I decided to build my own cages for my chams. If you have any questions I have a ton of experiance in building cages and carring for reptiles. I'd me more then happy to share my knowledge and experiance.