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  • Get the xenias out of there ASAP, they take over.
    I currently have a reef tank, and mostly zoas but a few chalices. I got a Darth Maul for $10PP, and am getting 1P of Nightmares friday for $15. Check out Mrcoral.com sometime, great deals but request your stuff be held it's all fresh cut when he puts it up.
    I love zoas too! I actually keep mainly just zoas, though I do have daisy polyps, yellow button polyps, brown palythoas, and a few mushrooms. I also have some Xenia and Kenya Trees, but I'm getting rid of those, and going to do only the zoas, mushrooms, and the other polyp corals, plus some green star polyps. Do you have a reef tank, or did you at one point have one?
    You have a Reef Tank? Awesome! What do you grow in yours? I personally love zoanthids.
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