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Dino's new home :o)


Loves VFT's!
I went to the US today and while down there I went into a PetsMart and bought Dino my chameleon a new home
It's a 38 gallon and I think she loves it.She's hanging upside down from the top right now
WildBill,I hope you like it
Very nice. When you said 39 gal I was assuming a glass tank. I thought oh no she probably paid a bunch of money and glass is very bad. Now I have to tell her to get screen. *lol* But you knew.

Anyways, wow he looks stressed in that last pic! No, it's a she right? Did you just put her in there? That's probably why.

And is those plants real? Nice looking. My Cham terarizes his! He eats em and breaks em and rips em. Then the plant dies.
Hey Tink.Yeah I knew you guys would think that I got another tank,so that's why I didn't mention it and just wanted to let you see with the pics.Yeah she was quite upset with me.I put her ontop of the screen while I was filling it with bark and when I was all done,I went and put my hand infront of her so she would climb on so I could put her in,but instead she hissed and instantly bite me!I didn't even have a chance to take my hand away.She's never done that to me before.I've always wanted to know how hard she could bite and now I know.It wasn't very comfortable,lol.But now she's happy again,nice and green
Yup the plants are real.There is a Hibiscus plant in there that she likes to eat,and it's good for her,not poisonous. ~Niki~
Wow, did it hurt? I've never been bite, been hissed at though. My boyfriend has been attacked though. Quite funny. *lol* How do you care for your plant? Does it bloom? I noticed you have Parlor Palm also, is that safe? I only try Pothos and Ficus. Ficus it usally takes about 2months for him to ruin the plant. The branches just break and the leaves rot from eatten and it just dies. And Pothos, well he eats every single leaf on the vine. People say some Veileds don't even eat plants! Boy mine does! Probably half of his diet is vegan. Anyways, yah nice setup, very cute. Ever had any problems with the bark? I don't have anything on my cage bottem, but the wood. He "bathrooms" on this sticks and water drips in the plants. No problem yet.
Well it didn't hurt,but it didn't feel nice either.I think it just shocked me more than anything.I'm just sad that I P'd her off enough to actually bite me
 I just water the plants,and they do well.The Hibiscus DID bloom,but everytime Dino got on one of the flowers,they would break off
 So now I'm left with just leaves,lol.All the plants in there are non poisonous to Chams.Everyone I've talked to so far has told me that Chams eat plants and they enjoy them.I haven't had any problems with the bark on the bottom.It looks nice I think
 Dino goes potty on the Hibiscus plant and it's hard to clean off so most of the time I have to just break off the leaf she went on.~Niki~