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  1. NickHubbell

    Misting system

    I have been thinking about a misting system for a 6'L x 4'H x 2'W Nepenthes chamber. I am thinking between a greenhouse type misting system or a ultra sonic mister. The greenhouse like system would not actually include an electric pump or the computer control (a timer and ac adapter would be...
  2. S

    Need info on Umbrella plant and Croton

    HI: I am furnishing a Chameleon cage with plants and have purchased: a Hawaiin Schefflera Brassaa Arboricola(Umbrella Plant) and a Croton.  I could use more specific care info on them.  The enclosure will have these or similar environment: 12 hours of 5,500 Kelvin full spectrum UVA/B flourescent...
  3. S

    Need info on Keeping Ficus Benjemima and others

    Hi Folks: Not sure if this is the right forum, please direct me to the right one if it is not.  I am setting up a chameleon cage and these are the plants that were suggested to furnish it with.  I need more in depth info on the care of these plants: Ficus benjamina tree, Umbrella tree, Hibiscus...
  4. S

    You know you're a herper when....

    I'm sry I have to bring this up but I'm bored and have an hour to kill...... -you notice intrest rates have droped and atempt to refinance your pair of ball pythons. -you have to explian to your new girlfriend that having "herps" doesnt mean you have an s.t.d.. -you hand out cigars to the guys...
  5. S

    Vft in chameleon cage

    I'd post this at Kingsnake but I don't know anyone who knows about cps over there. I ordered 16 new vft bulbs 2 Green dragons 2 Dente and 12 normals, I want to put them at the borders of my Veild chameleons cage to pick up left overs and to make the cage more attractive I'm not too worried about...
  6. L

    I redid my tank

    While on vacation last week, I managed to dedicate a full day to tearing down, moving and rebuilding my 55 gal tank.  It was a chore well worth the effort, I'm very pleased with the end result, have just a few more finishing touches to complete and plants and animals all seem to be happy.  A few...