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Need info on Umbrella plant and Croton

HI: I am furnishing a Chameleon cage with plants and have purchased: a Hawaiin Schefflera Brassaa Arboricola(Umbrella Plant) and a Croton.  I could use more specific care info on them.  The enclosure will have these or similar environment: 12 hours of 5,500 Kelvin full spectrum UVA/B flourescent lighting. Ambient temps averaging 70-75 F., lows to 68, highs to 85F, RO water by drip daily of 4-6 oz., a cool mist humidifyer on timer 3xs daily, and Hand spraying w/ RO water 2x daily.  I will lift the plants up out of the water that will collect at the bottom.  The plants can not be fertilized, but I can put some of the Chameleon waste into the pot.  Any helpful thoughts, tips?  Thanks-Maggie
Just a few rules:
1) Do not let them sit in water, water them by drenching them and letting them dry out a bit.
2) Normal room temperatures. The temps in the enclosure should be fine though.
3) If you need to repot it get some normal potting soil and add a bit of sand for good drainage.

It's really a very easy plant. Unfortunately... even though it is the dwarf schefflera in will eventually outgrow the chameleon cage. The only reason they're called dwarf schefflera's is because it's leaves are smaller than the average Umbrella plant.

1)warm to normal room temps
2)Keep the soil slightly moist
3) Full sun to bright light or it will lose it's color. I think the tank will be fine for it.

The plant will transfer to the tank better if it is young otherwise it might lose some leaves.

Good luck!
Thanks! This was helpful information.  I appreciate your guidance.  Maggie
Maggie, I hope you haven't put the Umbrella plant in the chameleon cage yet 'cos I just came across this website page http://webhome.idirect.com/~chameleon/owners/chapter2-sub5.html
It lists all plants suitable for a chameleon cage. It says <""Umbrella plant**  Eriogonum umbrellum is suitable but
** Not to be confused with another "umbrella" plant, Schefflera actinophylla which is toxic.

I hope I've been of some help. Check out the webpage now!!
Happy chameleon keeping, Neil.
Do NOT let the croton dry out as this will kill it.