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I've got a magic window!
It's been a long time since I have had lizards. I took down my 40 gallon breeder planted community tank and set it up for lizards again.
It's been 6 or 7 years since I've been to a show. There was a lot of nice reptiles and amphibians there. It was hard passing up the baby Veiled Chameleons for $30.00 each. I hope to keep a true chameleon some day. Another lizard I've always like was Frilled Dragons. There was some for $125.00 each.
Something else that I've always liked but rarely have seen at the shows 6 years ago was Poison Dart frogs. Lots of people have them at the show now.
Anyway, I picked up 3 baby Leopard Geckos at the reptile show today.

Here's their new home.

And the new Leopard Geckos. 1 male 2 females for now.


nice! Is that circleback pattern evident on the adults? I will be getting a male at the Daytona 2005 show. My frilleds were cheaper! I got an adult male for $75 and my baby for $60.
Nice lizards Steve!

supercute! they look like they have eyeshadow on!

plan on keeping real cacti/other desert plants in there?
They are cute.

The Frill Dragons were about 12" long. I only saw them at one enders table. The one pet store near me has small ones for $209.00 each.
About the circleback pattern, I doubt it. I will not know till they are larger.

I want to make a post here and maybe some other places about possible plants to place in the tank. Tough plants which do not require much light and if they have spines/needles they are soft.
Baby Veiled Chams for $30!?!?! I got mine for $100 Canadian!Anyways,your tank looks awesome,and so do your new little babies
Congrats! ~Niki~
They are cute, Steve! Lokks like you gave them a backyard pool, amid the desert.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Trapper7 @ July 09 2005,12:44)]Baby Veiled Chams for $30!?!?! I got mine for $100 Canadian!Anyways,your tank looks awesome,and so do your new little babies
Congrats! ~Niki~
The baby Veiled Chameleons where smaller then the one you got. One's that size I think were around $65.00.

You must be seeing an oasis.
Elgecko~Smaller than mine??Mine was a month old when I got her.Can you take them away from their mommy earlier than that?I don't know,I'm totally new to lizzy's.How are you little guys doing?They sure are sweet looking.I come to this post everyday just to see your pics of them cause they're amazing
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chamelions dont stay with their mothers like alligators.
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Oh really?Poor babies
Well I'm her mommy now
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I had to go back and find the thread with the picture of your lizard. I thought yours was bigger then that for some reason. That was the size they were at the show for $30.00.

I tried feeding them yesterday. 2 of the 3 ate. I'll feed them again tomorrow and if the 1 lizard does not eat anything, I'll pick up some crickets and try that.

I kept 1 male and 15 females. I rotated 5 of my females in the 40 gallon tank so they bred 1 year and were off 2.
Here's a link to my page I made about Leopard Geckos, I have some pictures of the eggs and my incubator. I'll get better pictures in about 2 years since the one on my website are scanned negatives.

Here's a picture from years ago of a female that I had.

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Ohhh pretty!Is that a fat-tailed gecko in that pic?What are you feeding them now?Since you said you'll pick up crickets tomorrow and try that.I wonder why those Chams were going for so cheap.Did they look healthy?~Niki~
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It's a Leopard Gecko in the picture.

I feed them mealworms. I raise my own. I try to only feed mealworms which have recently shed, which look white. Their shell has not hardened yet, easier to digest.

The Chameleons all looked healthy. At shows you can usually get lizards, snakes, frogs, tarantulas, scorpions, etc, etc, a little under half of what everyday pet stores sell them for. Leopard Geckos usually sell for $30-$45.00 each in pet stores. I got the 3 for $65.00, after working on a discount price, which is more then what they cost 7 years ago. Sometimes you could get them at $18.00 each and at the end of a show for $15.00. The cheapest I found the Leopard Geckos for was $25.00 each at the show this time.
One show I was at years ago a vender was selling Jackson Chameleons 5 and 6" long for $20.00 toward the end of the show. It was hard not to leave with any.
Someday I will have a true chameleon!
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Elgecko,I know that's a Leopard gecko in your pic,lol,but is it a fat-tailed Leopard gecko?
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You confused me...there is a gecko called a Fat-Tailed Gecko.
Leopard Geckos store fat in their tails. I'm guessing the picture is before the breeding season when I fatten up the females for the egg laying process. I would feed them 1 pinky and waxworms twice a week a few weeks before they started to breed to get them in condition.
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Ok,so there's no such thing as a Fat-tailed Leopard Gecko?Darn,I just made up a new breed then!
I'll call them:Niki's Fat-tailed Leopard Gecko's.How clever is that!
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No there actually is Niki. *lol* They are quite similar looking, but different colors.

Elgecko, your geckos look real healthy and nice colors. They are too cute when little!

$30 at a petstore?! Here Leos at the Pet stores are $99 for small or $64 for adult!

And that Cham you seen, the bigger one, was probably mine? Mine was the size of Nikis when I got it. Probably smaller though, he was only about 3 weeks old I was told at least. Anyways, I got him at a show for $15!
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they charge more for smaller ones?
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Yeah because it's a baby. Kinda like dogs. Puppies are $$ when dogs are $.