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Tarrarium being built

My dad and I are building a terrarium..
about 50-60 gallon size.

once it is built and established, the main plants growing will be CPs..
nepth, dews, bladders, butters, etc.

so once these survive me (lol), and are established, what kind of animal could I put in with them, that wont be eaten?

chameleon? small snake? frogs? turtle?

I also dont want the CPs to be eaten either.
It's a plant eat animal world out there, isn't it? I don't think too many people have chanced mixing CP's with reptiles & amphibians - not so much because the plants would eat them. they may be a little nervous about plant eating animals nibbling on the CP's. my guess someone like Ozzy or Unknownclown or Spectabilis73 might know something about mixing things. You can try sending a PM to them about it, as this post may have slipped through the cracks. I certainly missed it! Certainly a small snake should be mutually safe. Possibly skinks, newts, and house geckos? Providing baby crickets are mutually beneficial to both.
This did slip through my site, and I can very well answer this question.
I have done this. I mixed anoles , long tail grass lizards and house geckos with alot of different plants, including big neps. I have never had any problems at all. They seemed to be very happy together. Only problem you may have is if you mix different animals together. If you do you need to make sure that they have enough room to establish their own territory. I first used a portable green house, then I turned a closet into a grow room. Even with the closet I had to seperate the male anoles. Good luck with it and I would love to see the finished product.
Perhaps some of the artificial plants and driiftwood, etc.., sold in pet shops would be helpful toward keepin respective territories separate from one another. This is analagous to providing shale, slate, clay pots, and PVC piping for shelter in aquariums.
the terrarium is built, waiting on my plants to arrive along with a few other items to help the thing run.

once i plant them, i was only gonna get one animal.
probably a lizard or gecko.

i was hoping for chameleon.. but then i thought about their feet, climbing around, they might accidently squash or pinch one

so gecko might be for me
Ya know, CP's may be more resilient than what you think - unless, of course, they are being nibbled upon. Just a thought.
I have a plant that I like to grow with my climbing reptiles. It's called Caribbean love leaf. It grows about 1.5 to 2 feet, it bends really easy and they love to climb on it. If you want I can send you some.
not sure if my terrarium is big enough for that plant ozzy, we'll find out once my other plants get established.

what about poison dart frogs?
i see posts about those being with CPs..
do they work? sortof work? or not at all?
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One person (of many), off the top of my head, that has kept (keeps) poison dart frogs is Spectabilis73. I would suggest shooting a PM to him as a start. He is easy to find on PFT - REAL EASY. If nothing else, he can steer ya in the right direction. I am only familiar with this type of frog from having worked at a wholesaler, in a former life.
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[b said:
Quote[/b] ] in a former life

I am convinced that in my former life I was a princess

Maybe you could have Insects or arachnids? Like stick some emp scorps in there, have like a little colony. That would be pretty awesome.
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[b said:
Quote[/b] ] in a former life

I am convinced that in my former life I was a princess

Grim, I just HAD to check your profile! Somehow "princess" and your personna seemed like a cognitive dissonance!
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I have to agree. The evidence is incontrovertible. I bet I was really Pretty though!

do you mean cognitive? A little typo there
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heck no
my sister and husband have arachniphobia, pretty sure they would leave and never visit me if I had an arachnid.

as for insect?
hmmm.. not sure which ones I am willing to handle.
my family would think I had gone off my rocker if i had scorpions, or vinigeroons

snakes, my husband doesnt like

think i better stick with lizards or frogs..
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (Grim @ Oct. 25 2004,5:45)]I have to agree. The evidence is incontrovertible. I bet I was really Pretty though!

do you mean cognitive? A little typo there
Grim, you're scaring me! And how do you assess your attractiveness as a female type person?

Oh, I corrected my typo. I HATE typos!
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I scare myself actually.
Inverts? Well, there's not really many that come to mind, Maybe Giant Millipedes?
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ok, i think I've decided on what I will get.

I like the idea of frogs..
but I can't get myself to decide on whether I want a poison dart frog.

so I decided I like the Red-Eyed Tree Frog.
and they like communities, so I think for a 60 gallon, 3 frogs will do great.

2 females and 1 male? not sure yet.. cause I will need t find more about laying and where they lay, etc.
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Grim: I am comforted knowing that you scare yourself!

Patch: Your gender ratio sounds like a line from a Beach boys song, "... Two girls for every boy..."

Seriously, other critters that are commercially available are: fire belly newts and Oregon newts.
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I have a newt I named "Gingrich".
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AAARRRGGHH! Bad, very bad! Keep 'em coming!