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Giving away nepenthes in chicago

anybody from chicago interested in nepenthes argentii, rafflesiana, talangenisis and ramispina for pick-up . and selling a 65 gal. tank 30x20x24 (all sides and bottom) with plexiglax mirrors and a twin compact florecent (2) 96W bulb fixture for $150. need space for my growing chameleon.
Is there any way you will ship the neps if I pay?
So, I could take the red line over to your area?
[b said:
Quote[/b] (cexshun @ Oct. 05 2005,1:10)]So, I could take the red line over to your area?
yupyupyup. your interested in the set-up?
Hey, is this offer still happening? I haven't space for the tank but I'll take one or two plants.

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i really dont think they are availible anymore.