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Lizard question


Loves VFT's!
I just looked at Dino my Chameleon and she has some white stuff coming out of both her nostrils.What is that??Does anybody know?I'm worried about her  
Here's a pic,you can sorta see the white stuff.
I'd get her into rehab...


Seriously...I don't know what that is. It might not be anything bad. If I were you I'd also post your question and pic in the reptile forum too. You have a better chance of getting an answer in both forums. Hope she's alright.
LOL!!! Yeah she's a coke addict,that was my first thought too
Maybe they're just boogers?I dunno.They almost look like the calcium powder that I coat the crickets with before I feed them to her.And when I cleaned it off her it was crumbly,not gooey or anything.That's a good idea PAK,I'll post it there too,thanks
i know some lizards snort out extra minerals and salts and stuff, and i had a tortoise do that after it hibernated. i put it in warm water and it sucked up the water and shot it out it's nose.

ask at kingsnake.com
Yes, could salt deposits, but it is most likely shedded skin. By the way, she looks very healthy!
Well they did say she was gonna shed a lot till she grows up,but through her nose??I didn't know they could do that
 Thanks,I feel much better!
Oh and SunPitcher,thanks for saying she looks really healthy! I'm always worried I'm not taking good care of her,she's my very first reptile.So that makes me feel much better
well don't dismiss other stuff.

she should shed all over, not just her nose. if it is skin it'll fall off.
Is it coming out of her nose, or is Dino starting to shed from around the nostrils? Have you noticed Dino rubbing on anything?

I would also ask and post the picture and situation on one of the dedicated Chameleon forums for a more expert opinion, because it also could be a deadly upper respiratory infection. The Linda J. Davison book mentions:

"Probably the most serious illnesses that we have had to deal with in our animals are upper-respiratory infections. These are certain killers if not diagnosed and treated in time. Symptoms include bubbles in the mouth, or stingy mucus just under the lips at the gum line. Sometimes the keeper can hear a wheezing or popping sound coming from the lungs. Advanced stages are often demonstrated by the appearance of the animal drooling a thick clear liquid while drinking or open-mouth breathing... ... Signs to look for are the following: open-mouth breathing, sneezing, wheezing and/or forced exhalation with a rattlelike sound. Often the animal has sunken eyes, refuses to drink or eat and green or crusty yellow matter appears from the nostrils."

It might not be a bad idea to locate a Vet who specializes in reptiles. The vet we take our chameleon to is also a bird specialist, at a bird hospital.

Thanks for the info guys
JustLikeAPill was right,it is salt crystals.I took her to the store I got her from and the girl there has had a lot of experience with Chameleons and she said that they're salt crystals.So I'm happy now
I already made sure I had a reptile vet before I got her
Thanks again.Oh and WildBill,she has none of those symptoms,thank goodness.~Niki~
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Dang it I'm too late!
Yes, it is salt minerals. Most lizards sweat it out or it also comes through the nosstrils. My Cham has done that a few times. It actually means you could be oversuppilmenting something. How often do you dust vitamins? Calcium?
Your picture does not work for me. =(
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Lizards shed in patches, not all at once like snakes. They shed in patches,and areas are shed at different times, for instance, she could be shedding her front legs one day, or her back and tail another week. One of the areas that lizards shed is their heads. The nostrils com out like little plugs. Humiditiy aids in shedding. If the enclosure is too dry, skin can become stuck. If it gets stuck around a tail, toe, or limb, and you can't get it off, the tail, toe or limb will fall off. The tail NOT grow back on a chameleon, and if it does fall off, you must watch for infections, which spreads easily in such humid environments.
Veiled chameleons are one of the hardiest chameleons available, and they are also the easiest to care for. She looks very well-nourished in the picture, and I hope she looks like that for a long time.

see http://www.veiled-chameleon.com/care-sheet.html for how to sex your veiled chameleon.

also http://forums.kingsnake.com/forum.php?catid=238
it is a great veiled chameleon forum

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lol..may i ask what Dino is sitting on? i see a thumb but???



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his hand
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HIS hand???I aint a him,I'm a HER!Oh no are we gonna go through this again
Well spikeanator,if you saw a thumb then I'd think it came with a hand,lol.Tink,I am dusting the crickets at every feeding.The guy at the pet store told me to since it is a female and she will lay eggs so she has to have strong bones for that.Is that too much?Oh god,I don't want her to loose her toe,tail or limb!That would freak me out
SunPitcher,thanks for the link,I already saw that first one,so that's how I know she's a female for sure,plus that's what they said when I got her. ~Niki~
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lol..i still dont see a hand...


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LOL,it's there
It even has a freckle on it.~Niki~
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Yeah, I never thought about her being a female. General rule vitamins weekly and Calcium every other day. I hope all goes well when she does lay, are you breeding her at all? Maybe my male can hook up.
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Hi Tink!Thanks for the info
I don't have any vitamins for her.Does it come in a powder form as well?And how do I give it to her?Yeah right,my parents would KILL me if I bred her
They don't even know she's gonna lay eggs whether I want her to or not,lol.Shhh,don't tell
I just gave her dinner and I didn't dust the crickies,so I'll do it every other day
Hey can you send me a pic of your male?Is he a Veiled as well?Thanks again! ~Niki~
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Yeah breeding could be quite the job. All those baby Chameleons, can you imagine the amount of fruit flies you'd be seeing a day. *lol* Just hope she passes her eggs okay, that's the tough part. Has she been digging at all? How old is she? And yeah vitamins should be given weekley or every other week some people suggest. It might already be in your dust you have. What is your dust called? And it's just like the Calcium, comes in a little contanier and you dus the same way! And my male is a Veiled, he's a year and 4 months old now! Kinda hard to believe. =P I've had him since around 3-4weeks. I found 2 pics on my computer. Sorry they arn't that good, camera phone.
Him in his redreptilenightlight.

And here is him playing silly.
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Oh wow,he's huge
Yes I'm worried about her passing her eggs ok,I hope she does well.No she isn't digging yet.She is almost 2 months old,and I know they can start to lay their first batch at 6 months,so I've got a while to go.I'm going to get some playsand soon just so I'm ready.The calcium dust I use is called Rep-Cal.Phosphorus-Free.Calcium with Vitamin D3. ~Niki~