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baddest flytrap terrarium video ive ever seen

the ecosystms in this vdeo are amazing to me . ihav pmd him a few times for reef aquarium help and he toldme about this video of a large terarium globbe that hekeeps flytraps in as well. a chameleon stays in the plants above this tank and stays in a cage at night, coolest fishroom imo


I didn't see any flytraps in any of those designs but it's very neat to see that a tiny invert reef tank can be run by just a good airstone and small power compacts! Yowza! I may have to give a go at that sometime! Thanks for sharing! :D
probably not deliberate spam..
but it smells vaguely spam-ish..
"number of posts = 1" also adds to my suspicion..
if im wrong, prove it! ;)

lol that could true, I didn't even look at his post count! :D

Oh well, I'm still glad someone implanted this idea in my head.

I wonder is it really true that a micro reef can be done this way? using the airstone for oxygen and self-skimming (wipe the crud off the edge of the water daily to remove the skimmed gunk) I'm totally into the idea of giving this a go if it really can be done this way. My interest in reefs was just the inverts anyway not really the fish at all. I'm certainly not interested in repurchasing the $1000+ worth of crap I had back when I was gonna do a reef and then got laid off from the print shop and had to sell my reef keeping equipment never even getting a chance to test fire any of it. :( But that micro reef/micro amount of equipment idea is just crazy cool!

I suppose it still takes time for the live sand/live rock to cure and achieve a stable environment but as I'm home tonight with a fever this is looking like a better and better idea! lol

its not spam guys ! i just thought it w b neat to imagine how mhy things you could switch out in the established tanks if you wnted. the point is where eles can you stick a brain coral in a vase and grow it or do the carniverous plants theme in the globe.

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i met hm talking on the comments foru m of one of th threads.
I've seen that vid and pictures of that guy's tank before. Very neat!

I've been running a 3 gallon reef tank since September on just power compacts and a small power filter. It's been working flawlessly so far (knock on wood). I'll have to post some recent pics.

Swords- If you have any questions or need any help feel free to ask. I personally find it fascinating to keep a living slice of the ocean in such a small space.
I used dry rock in my system and fed it frozen food every few weeks to get the cycle going instead of using live rock. I love the results and the fact that I'll never have to deal with nuisance aiptasia.
Thanks YellowDart I just may have to take you up on your offer to bother you with a million questions about this once I start feeling better and thinking more clearly! :D
WOW the best i ever did was a 2 gallon Nano tank
It had a Fire shrimp , Pipe fish, Harliquin Shrimp, Corals where Colt Coral , Zo's, Gorgoians , an a few hermit.



Wow, nice. I like the roman column look.
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Aw, all I get is "this video or image has been removed or deleted" :(
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well the pics are there