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Seeds arrived thank you!
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Hi I was wondering if I could still get a packet? If I can I'll send out the packet tomorrow
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Seeds arrived, thank you very much. I am looking forward to planting them.
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I'm going to send a SASE tomorrow also. Thank you very much for your generosity :)
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My SASE went out 2 days ago :D
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The seeds arrived Friday. Thank you very much :)
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You're very welcome!

I just received a SASE from Belgium BTW :D
--er...I received a few days ago but it's going out tomorrow.
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any FRESH seeds left
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I was wondering the same as N bical^

On second thought: your last post is dated yesterday and I havn't seen any indication that your giveaway has ended, so I will risk it and pop my SASE in the mail tonight. Extra stamp will be included of course. Thanks for the offer!

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Has anyone else had their D. indica seeds sprout? I think mine may have sprouted. Either that or I have weeds.
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lol Defiant. Just out of curiosity, how long have your seeds been planted?
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I planted my seeds 11/3. I am proud because I actually labeled the D. indica, but I forgot to label everything else.
Unfortunately, I made a terrible mistake and a species of Utricularia is also growing in with the seedlings but I googled "D. indica sprout" and the sprouts I have match the picture I found.

Update: I just got a magnifying glass and looked at the tiny plants. They are definitely Drosera indica. I can see very small tentacles on them and I was even able to get a picture of a couple of the plants showing the tentacles.
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Great to hear Defiant! Hopefully there are a few packets left as I am definitely looking forward to sprouting some indica. Thanks for the reply Defiant and thanks for the great giveaway SDCPs!
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You're very welcome!

I just received a SASE from Belgium BTW :D
--er...I received a few days ago but it's going out tomorrow.

That would be mine :D
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Hi ,
Your inbox is full.clear some as I cannot pm you.
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Got my SASE today :D
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I know people are always skeptical about freebies, but this offer is good until I say its over and the seed is fine. I get seeds all the time from these plants, just collected some Tuesday even though the plants are annuals and are supposed to be dead by now. Some grow during the winter here though.
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Here are a few I flasked on 10-19, thanks!
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