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You can use fish food, finely powdered.
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thanks. I am gathering just sprinkle it over them. At what size should I start feeding them?
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Hey SD, I got the seeds today and got them planted, thanks again, D. Indica is a favorite of mine
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Hello SDCPs!
Thanks for the seeds! I look forward to sowing these. By the way, the second envelope (same handwriting) was for my Mom. I have just recently introduced her to carnivorous plants and she lives in rural country where internet is sporadic at best. She is really enjpying the plants and has called to tell me how excited she is to get her seeds growing. Thanks again! Very kind of you!
(James Silva)
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OK, no problem, I'm fine with dishing out seeds, I just wanted to let you know you sent two...but then realized they were going to different places...after I had sealed the one I wrote on :)
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Thanks for the seeds!! Just got them sown. :)
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Hopefully this is still going on, I sent my SASE earlier this week. I confused you with the sundewman, so that's why I said I liked your youtube channel xD ... Thanks in advance, if the offer is still open!
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I just started checking out your channel, I'm subscribed to it now :)
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Offer is still open ;)
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Seeds are beginning to sprout!
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:-D Got good germination and wonderful plants. Here is one pot of them:

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sent the SASE today! can't wait, they look awesome! :-O
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:-D Got good germination and wonderful plants. Here is one pot of them:


Thank you SO MUCH for posting a picture of your plants! They look awesome!!!
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Got the seeds today, thanks! I have them in lfs, and I need to get sand/peat to pot them in after they sprout. Should I put extra seeds in the fridge or leave them out, or should I shoot for not having any extra seeds?
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Extra seeds should be refridgerated (as long as they're not frozen) if you leave them out, viability will drop in a matter of weeks.
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I have a bag of lfs, but that won't be great for D. indica, right? From what I've been reading it looks like I need to get some coarse sand, but I went to Lowe's today and didn't see anything that fit the bill that wasn't in a huge package. Where can I buy some sand that will be good for it (online or in person)? Should I just go for 'regular' sand and buy some peat to mix with it? (thanks again for the seeds SDCP)
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The majority of Indica growers tell you to use silica sand but I found no problem using regular desert sand. Of course, I boiled it and washed it vigorously in a 1/4 gallon of RO water to rid of the salts. I got about 25 sprouts before the seed container was knocked over :(.