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This giveaway is Closed. See post 196.


Hello friend,

I prefer trades but...

I have an almost unlimited number of Drosera indica seeds to share with you! I am basically giving away the seed, but am technically trading seeds for US postage. I use the postage to trade with forum members.

I am offering this seed in packets of ~100 seeds for SASE+. This means that you can get as many packets as you want limited to 10 per SASE+. Include one loose stamp per packet of seed inside the inner envelope of your SASE+. If you want 3 packets, then send me 3 regular 44 cent US postage stamps (or forever stamps) in addition to the postage affixed on the envelopes themselves. If you want to donate more stamps, please write a note indicating the number of packets to send you. I appreciate donations.

For more clarification: To get 1 packet of D. indica seed, this SASE+ requires 3 stamps. 2 for the post office, and one for the packet. To get 3 packets, send 5 stamps. 2 for the post office, three for the packets. You can request up to 10 packets per SASE+.

Please do not PM me! I do not care who requests these seeds or if they are a member of this forum! If you decide you want some of my seeds, please send your SASE+ to the photo. I appreciate it that you're using this address only for the purpose I am providing it for. Once I get your SASE+ I will put in the seeds and send them back. If you don't get your seeds in 3 weeks (domestic) or 3 months (international), resend your SASE+. Unless you do not follow the requirements of this offer, I will unhesitatingly send seeds for every SASE+ I receive. They may get lost in the mail from time to time. I would appreciate it if you post a reply to this thread when you request seeds, when you receive them, and when they sprout for you, but this is not required for participation.

If you want your seeds sent in a bubble mailer, enclose 2 stamps and your address along with the stamps per packet. I will see the address and send the seeds in a bubble mailer.

About the scented D. indica “pale pink flower” from Australia I am offering:

If I had to have only ONE species of sundew, this would be the one. I have not found another sundew that is as strong or that catches so many bugs as this one...and as an added plus, I find it rather beautiful. It catches houseflies with ease and grows very large reaching 10" in height and 9" in diameter not counting the very unusual flower scrapes. The plants look extremely good together and this variety of indica is scented, as in when mature and in a group you can easily detect a honey-like smell. 20 plants in full sun produce an pungent odor. The insects are attracted to them from literally miles around. The plants are green; this allows you to easily see everything the plant catches. Easy to grow as long as they are kept drier than most CPs and have a warm summer. Lower humidity is also beneficial. These are annuals, but produce tons of seed so they come back each year. Sow in the fall or winter. They will sprout in spring. I have a picture thread on Terraforums about this plant. See link:D. indica picture thread Also a youtube video of part of my collection and the plants I collected seed from: D. indica Video

International Shipping:

I will send this seed to CP enthusiasts internationally! If you live in a different country, please send me your currency equivalent of $2 US Dollars for international postage, and the equivalent of $0.44 US Dollars per seed packet. Also send me your address and specify how many packets you are expecting. I will send you the seeds in a padded bubble mailer with a customs form. Please only send paper money (no coins) in an amount equivalent or above the basic requirements. Be sure to conceal any money you send in the mail so it does not get stolen.

Here are some step by step instructions for packing your SASE+:

1. Obtain 2 envelopes. Address one to me (Photo), and the other to you.
2. Place postage on both envelopes (one stamp for each).
3. Fit the second envelope inside the first one. Make sure the envelope addressed to you is inside the one addressed to me. You may have to fold the second envelope on the edges to make it fit.
4. Place the extra stamps and note (if necessary) inside the second envelope.
5. Seal the SASE and send it to me!

Enjoy the Seeds :boogie:
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WOW! Very generous of you... im not entering, just wanted to say thanks for the generosity.

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Oh you're sundewman on youtube? I love your vids! :grin:
Ooo! I want in! I'll send you a thing with money and whatever soon. I'm in Canada. I'll have to re-read this before sending..

Thank you very much for your generosity. Really appreciate this!

@Heli: Cplantaholic is Sundewman. SDCPs narrated one of the vids though. The D. indica one, of course!
Oh great, i really want the seeds, so i'll be sending soon! :)
Remember all the seeds you sent to me a year ago, the only specie that die is this one, and i want to give it a try now that i have more experience!
i need to get some will mail stamps sase tommorrow
I will send off a few stamps tommorow. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!!!!
i hate sending SASEs, so i will abstain.

But I did want to comment that i bought some d. indica seeds from you on ebay, and have some great little d. indica plants now.
im sending my sase 2morrow,
thank you so much!
SASE and stamps went out today.
Thank you very much.
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Thanks for the chance to try these seeds! SASE+ on the way.
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Thanks, Will send SASE when I get home today.
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Many Thanks!

Envelopes, stamps & ? :-D will be on their way!

Again, thanks!
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Thanks you very much for your offer. I really need fresh seeds for TC testing. I will send SASE ASAP.
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Wow extremely generous of you.

I JUST bought 3 giant sheets of stamps too.. lol.

I'm in, sase'll be out tomo.
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SASE will go out tomorrow! I had no luck with the last batch of seeds I received. I should have read up on them first. Lol
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My SASE will go out tomorrow! Thanks for the opportunity.
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Thank you for all the kind replies.

I just finished packing a bunch of envelopes full of seeds! Please do not write "SDCPs" on the envelope. The PO just gets confused. There was a blue question mark on one of them. I've had trouble before with PO boxes. The thing is, if someone sends mail to a PO box, and the name on the envelope is not the same as the owner of the box, the PO sends it back. I finally figured that out and got my name on the administrative list. This was a little more than a year ago. Yeah, so "SDCPs" just confuses them.