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  • It's just a judith Hindle. I think it had opened fairly recently so it wasn't too red yet.
    I'm studying wildlife and wildlands conservation, and really enjoy it. I'm still working on my undergrad degree. yeah, deffinately feel free to contact me and swing by if you are in the Salt Lake area (I'm actually living in Salt Lake now while attending BYU and commuting. Complicated story).
    Maybe next year :)
    Yup. I actually saw your profile and thought it would be fun to meet to see your collection (which looks impressive compared to mine) when I was back home in November but didn't contact you beforehand and actually didn't end up having enough time. Anyway, I graduated in 2009 in Physiology and Developmental Biology and now I'm getting an MD/PhD at the University of Colorado. What are you studying?
    So, you attended/attend BYU? Are you in Utah? I'm attending BYU right now. I'd say that's reason enough to become friends :)
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