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  • Thats good to know! I'll be sure to put them on the wetter end of my "bog". I can't wait til they start throwing out new pitchers! How close is this bog to you? And how many plants made it out of the "massacre "? I have only been to one bog in upstate New York and that was before I was even interested in CPs but I did stop to appreciate them and snap a few pictures. (unfortunately I didn't take too many. I need to dig those up......)
    I was surprised by how long the roots are, too. I've been keeping them very wet, fertilized them lightly while they were inside, and gave them a lot of light. Pretty basic stuff. The leaves were about an inch long before I cut them off. Hopefully they develop the frilly hood the adults have. Their veins are very bold when mature. I can't wait for update photos!

    Their home site is one of the wettest seepage bogs I've ever seen. It's almost like a glacial bog, minus the 50 foot deep chasm of water underneath. I think this is what makes them such vigorous plants.
    Have the purps arrived yet? I had to cut off most of the leaves because they had been catching a lot of sow bugs and the smell when I tried to clean them out was unbearable. They should produce plenty of new foliage very soon.
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