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efbiosis, this might not be strong enough to germinate seeds. I use 1 ppt (Part Per Thousand). This is quite strong and probably not suitable for aplication on plants so I would suspect the concentrations they are selling are a lot weaker than this.

Let us know what happens, wonder if it will make plants have larger flowers, now where is my miniata, lets see if i can make the flower even bigger!!

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woo hoo i am lucky i can get all the cp's that you really wan't
i must be lucky
tamlin the only cp's that i have found in my back yard witch is not my back yard is
u.gibba (in my best friends dam and in the ol 1930's swimmin pool that is now full of ell's)
D.burmanii (haven't seen yet but my mum has)
D.pleata (same place as burmanii)
and i think tamlin that most of thoes utics would be hard to find and grow especially u.mensiezz witch is a tuberous utic
(wow we have it all!!!!!!)
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You should be amazed at the biodiversity in Oz, I sure am. You don't have it all, but pretty durn close.

Now all you need is to learn how to spell them, lol. <prod prod>
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yeah i do have it lucky how come more ppl. don't move to australia like u for ur cp's u could grow more neps and out side!!!! all we need is n.jaqulenieae spellin??
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If you care how to learn how to spell the plant names correctly (to save us all from gritting out teeth and wincing, lol) use this link:


All the names are correctly spelled here. A lot of times I use cut and paste when I don't want to appear too careless or dumb...it works! I have them all fooled.

I hope to visit Australia next year. I probably won't want to come home if I do!
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (matti @ Dec. 05 2003,3:44)]i don't care about spelling

You should. Poor spelling reflects on you as a person. It will make you seem less intelligent than you are, especially to those who only know you through the written word. Using correct spelling also helps communicate your thoughts better so there is less chance of misunderstanding what you trying to say.


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C'mon Matti, you don't want us Australians to appear stupid do you?

People will treat you more seriously if you do try to fix the spelling a bit.