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  1. BioZest

    Pest ID and Treatment

    This little guy has been suffering from an unknown pest for a couple weeks now: It's been able to continue growing, but I fear it will die soon if I cannot treat for the pests. I have quarantined the plant and I don't think any others in my setup were infected. Here are the symptoms...
  2. mcmcnair

    Nepenthes 'Rokko' aka Wolfplant Cuttings Giveaway!

    Hey guys, so it is that time of year when the NCSU greenhouses need to be cleaned up some and I will be taking home dozens and dozens of cuttings of the confirmed FEMALE Nepenthes 'Rokko' they have had since the 1980s. This is one of the original plants from Japan when the original cross was...
  3. mcantrell

    Sssh... they're sleeping! (Fridge method photos)

    October 31st November 12th So while I was at Lowes a few months back, I noticed some Deathcubes on sale. 50% off. And I'm a sucker for hard luck cases. :) These were the "have some peat, have some plants in ziplock bags that are 'dormant', good luck" type that starting appearing in stores...
  4. P

    Flowers falling off my byblis

    I have a B.liniflora plant that when it flowers...the flower is only there for 2 or 3 days and the next day I see the flower on the floor. I am not sure if it a pest because the rest of the byblis is fine. Even the flower stalk has no damage. Is there any reason for a flower to just fall off...
  5. divaskid

    Nepenthes Pest ID needed

    My N. Whisper started to open up its new leaf and I found a pest that I've seen before in my collection. I know how to get rid of it (well I guess not completely since it has popped up once before) but I'm just curious to know what it is. It's always on the newest unopened nepenthes leaf. It...
  6. NatchGreyes

    N. bicalcarata algae (?) assistance

    Hey everyone: My N. bical. has a bit of slimy, green algae-ish growth on the top of its potting medium (long fiber sphagnum). I tried removing the offending sphagnum and putting new stuff on, but the algae seems to have grown back. My initial thought was that it was due to poor air circulation...
  7. T

    Major VFT pest problem.

    My traps were growing real great! Until the moths came. My house is old, and we've always had a problem with moths. I had read that moths rarely go at VFT's so i wasn't concerned! They all went downhill once my moth population increased. I got a trap, and now rarely find them around my...
  8. S

    If not a bog or mini bog, then how do you overwinter?

    I'll probably be a pest with questions and hope you'll indulge me. I'm starting into this new area of gardening with sarracenia. I've gardened with terrestrial plants all my adult life, gotten into water gardening in the last decade (initially through planted freshwater aquaria), and now am...
  9. CreatureTom

    Possible pest?

    Having been in SE Asia for 4 months (I'm sure my lack of activity on here wasn't noticed!) I returned home to my N. Maxima thriving tremendously on a windowsill, having been looked after by my parents. It has made a strong vine with some gorgeous uppers on it, and a number of new lower growth...
  10. D

    I saw a pest!! Help me ID it please

    Today, i saw 1 red insect with 6 legs crawling at the bottom side of my nepenthes leaves. It is about 1.5 mm in size.what pest is that? How do i get rid of it??
  11. D

    Pest? ID?

    Help! I bought a nepenthes. Can someone tell me the ID? SAM_2837 by beckhamLOVESplant, on Flickr SAM_2839 by beckhamLOVESplant, on Flickr SAM_2840 by beckhamLOVESplant, on Flickr SAM_2841 by beckhamLOVESplant, on Flickr SAM_2844 by beckhamLOVESplant, on Flickr SAM_2842 by...
  12. Lil Stinkpot

    Speckled Sarracenias

    I have a friend watching my Sarracenias for me until I find a better place. He just e-mailed me some pictures, asking what's going on, and frankly, I'm not sure either. I think it's either a chemical burn or sunburn from water droplets. The pitchers are all new and soft, and theyv'e been getting...
  13. Falcons cps

    Bonsai azalea

    There is a multitude of flower types and colours available on the thousands of Satsuki varieties available, the main four being: Selfs-single colour, Fukurin-coloured centres with white edges, Sokojiro-white centre with coloured edges and Shibori-which covers all the stripped, half & half...
  14. C

    need a pest ID

    I bought a few nepenthes from a retailer that isn't held in the highest esteem here. I just wanted to give them a try with some cheap plants that I couldn't find anywhere else and see first-hand if they lived up to the mediocre reputation. The plants arrived in okay shape, but a month later I...
  15. K

    whitefly on plants

    Hey guys I just found whitefly on my nep. This is my first pest what should I do? There is an insecticide specifically for whitefly here but my friend told me it doesn't work, he says the only sure way to kill them is to increase humidity to a high level. Any advice
  16. mcmcnair


    Following my -stravaganza theme of thread titles, I am starting a thread for my sundews. Up next are my pings and heliamphora. I wouldn't say I have a lot of sundews but my collection is steadily growing. I grow all my sundews in my homemade grow rack which I'll show a picture of in this thread...
  17. CreatureTom

    Orange/brown tinge to leaves

    I've been treating my N. Maxima for some sort of mite like pest with 1:4 solution of isopropyl rubbing alcohol for the last 6 weeks with slow but steady success, however now a number of the leaves are showing an orange/brown tinge. I would normally think they are just sun-tanned however the...
  18. C

    return of the pest w/ pics

    Help! return of the pest w/ pics how do they get into a nearly sealed chamber!? driving me crazy.....im not enthusiastic about repotting either since my echinostoma was comatose for almost 2 months. based off what i have read it seems to be a combination of aphids and fungus gnat larva. they...
  19. lance

    Weird Pest problem

    Hello Everyone. Recently I saw weird bite marks on one of my highland Nepenthes. I am horrible when it comes to IDing pests so I thought I'd ask what y'all think of this. The plant has been quarantined, but I'm still very worried. About a month ago I saw the same symptoms on my lowland Nepenthes...
  20. lowlow

    D. adalae pest help

    I am not entirely sure what this coloring is that I have been finding on a few of my adalaes.......just wondering if any of you out there have any ideas? It almost looks similar to what you might find with a mite infestation? Thanks * This has been going on probably for over a month I would...