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  1. ps3isawesome

    Help, pest problem on my drosera spatulata

    Soooo, a few days ago, this was discovered on a pot that's placed right next to the Drosera Spatulata. Then I started seeing webs appearing so I i'm assuming the spatulata is also infected with the same pest. Sorry the webs are kind of hard to see cause I got rid of them before I took...
  2. DroseraLover

    Fungus Gnat Pest Control

    Fungus gnats help with feeding my carnivorous plants, but their larvae have become a problem in one bowl. Can carnivorous plants handle cinnamon in their soil? I have read that it helps control fungus gnats when added to the soil surface. Yes, I have read about various chemical, bacterial, and...
  3. Eric

    Pest ID with Microscope

    So I noticed on two of my nepenthes that the growth tips and new leaves seem to have these bubbles on them. A closer look revealed these small white bugs, and I somehow got one under a microscope for an ID. Does this look familiar to any of you? They are extremely tiny. Thanks
  4. Eric

    Pest ID Help

    I noticed a few of these spots on another of my plants about a week ago. Normally something like this wouldn't catch my eye too much, but another of my Nepenthes suddenly was covered in these spots before it promptly died. From the research that I've done, I can't figure out what it is. I've...
  5. Cthulhu138

    Florida Trip 2015

    Here are some pics of the reptiles, birds, non-cp's and others I found on this years trip. Check out the carnivores here: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/138194-Carnivorous-Plants-in-the-Wild-My-In-Situ-Explorations/page3?p=1172739#post1172739 Eriocaulon sp. Some Tillandisia...
  6. J

    Greetings from PA

    Hi! I'm James an organic gardener here in the PA area where the Amish rule the roads. I'm new to carnivorous plants so I'm ready to learn but if I'm very knowledgeable also on the topics of organic pest control, soil gardening and hugelkultur. I actually work in the gardening industry as well...
  7. nimbulan

    Excessive pitcher growth?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is normal. I mowed off last year's growth on my Dana's Delight and after a brief attempt to flower which was quickly chewed off by some sort of pest, it appears to be growing more than 20 pitchers while my other much larger plants produce far fewer. It's a...
  8. nimbulan

    Protecting flower buds from pests?

    I'm having a new experience this year. Out of the 7 flowers growing in my sarracenia pot, two have disappeared shortly after emerging from the rhizome, apparently eaten by a pest of some sort. I haven't seen any slug slime near the plants and it seems too early in the year for caterpillars so...
  9. Tacks

    CP-safe emulsifier for neem oil solution (aphid busting)

    I'm developing a fairly serious aphid problem in a few of my trays (Drosera mostly at this point), and want to try a topical application of Neem oil per this article on Grow Sundews. However, I'm having trouble getting the neem oil to emulsify. The label suggests using 2 tsp of dish soap per...
  10. Carnivoregon

    Help with pest ID.

    Hey I have some little N. attenboroughii seedlings that I just noticed have some small white bugs running around in there. I was thinking maybe aphids or something any help is appreciated.
  11. Eric

    Crestate growth induction

    I read on here a few months ago about disturbances in the apical meristem of Pinguicula causing crestate growth. It seems like most of the information I have found on this growth has been due to a pest of some kind, but I am curious if anyone has tried to initiate this growth pattern by a...
  12. Carnivoregon

    New plant pest problem?

    Hey guys, I received this plant last week but was out of town until today. I wad told that it's source is kind of notorious for pests. There are these brownish black spots on the underside of leaves and stalk. I tried to scrape one off and couldnt so it seems to be in the leaves. Im going to hit...
  13. BaseDrifter

    Do you know what this nasty looking bump is on my Okee Giant?

    Hey guys, was checking out my Okee Giant today and noticed this nasty looking wart like thing on a rising pitcher. Any idea what it is? Some type of pest or a genetic fluke? Thanks!
  14. Zath

    I thought capsaicin was a pest DETERRANT!

    I found this Tobacco / Tomato Hornworm on my deck this morning, passed out like a Greco-Roman after a night of hedonistic feasting and orgies. The surprising thing was WHAT he had been eating; Habanero peppers. O.O I ain't mad. I have more peppers than I know what to do with. Kinda wish...
  15. xvart


    Hello, everyone. I haven't been posting much because I haven't really grown many CPs the last few years. I have one Nepenthes now on my porch, a decently size ventrata. Recently it has been getting eaten up by something and when I water I often find large grasshoppers on it. Do grasshoppers eat...
  16. DrWurm

    Pest, disease, or benign crud?

    So I picked up a x Wrigleyana a couple weeks ago and the new leaf it put out has 2 lines of brown flecks that run in the direction of the main leaf stem. On the other side of the leaf, there are bumps where the flecks are. I poked around at them with my tweezers and I was able to kinda scrape...
  17. M

    Very small pest problem!

    I've been watching these tiny bugs for over a month now, they're all over both of my big plant pot setups. They're so tiny that you have to blow on the soil to see them move. I put some small pieces of mosquito dunk's in the water trays about 6 days ago, no change yet. They're not gnats or...
  18. ChronoKiento

    Brown ring around S. minor pitchers

    Hi all, I've got a Sarr issue that I've not had before. My S. minor keeps putting out nice pitchers and then they develop a brown ring near the base. The brown ring expands upwards until the whole pitcher is brown. What does this indicate? I kind of thought maybe there was some sort of insect...
  19. BioZest


    I haven't posted here lately. My plants haven't done anything remarkable recently, but I thought this was pretty cool. The Nepenthes Spathulata x Ventricosa seeds I received from this auction germinated (I think)!: This is my first germination ever, so I'm super excited. I have a few...
  20. PsychoSarah

    Mystery pest

    Just found 2 unknown bugs in my nepenthes pot, infestation doesn't seem high for either, but I don't know what they are, so I am very concerned. 1st. Very very small, about the size of these periods, maybe even smaller. Dark colored, either black or dark brown it is hard to say. They like the...