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CP-safe emulsifier for neem oil solution (aphid busting)


The sticky ones are my favorite.
I'm developing a fairly serious aphid problem in a few of my trays (Drosera mostly at this point), and want to try a topical application of Neem oil per this article on Grow Sundews. However, I'm having trouble getting the neem oil to emulsify. The label suggests using 2 tsp of dish soap per gallon of water as an emulsifier, but I'm hesitant to spray dish soap all over my plants. Does anyone else with experience using neem oil on sundews and pings for pest control have any tips on the best way to emulsify/apply the stuff? Also, any ideas for dealing with aphids would be great.

All of my sundews and pings are grown indoors, under (very bright) lights, in large-ish common trays. I rarely if ever top water any of the pots. Thanks for your help!
I've used a plain dish soap solution on Drosera to deal with aphids with no damage.
The problem with soaps is they usually contain potassium salts which can slowly build up from repeated use. Two teaspoons per gallon is not very much. You may even get away with only one teaspoon or none at all - just shake the solution vigorously and often when applying.
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