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Do you know what this nasty looking bump is on my Okee Giant?

Hey guys, was checking out my Okee Giant today and noticed this nasty looking wart like thing on a rising pitcher. Any idea what it is? Some type of pest or a genetic fluke? Thanks!

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Might be a parasitic wasp gall. They do his to the trees in my area
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I have seen similar on plants exposed to herbicide drift. Most of the time it is one with a hormonal mode of activity. Could your neighbor have used glyphosate or 2,4-D?

also wasps that make galls on the various trees/plants are host specific. Single genus of plants and will not hop to something un related like sarracenia.
Lol at that clip NaN.

kulamauiman, I honestly have no idea. I know one of my neighbors has some plants in his backyard, but nothing serious. I also haven't noticed this type of lump on any of my other plants.
Its growing nipples! :ohno:
Well, today I pinched the plant's nipple. It was soft…felt empty. Doesn't seem like there is something growing inside it. I'm looking forward to dissecting it once the plant goes dormant.

My okee Giant gets bumps like that occasionally, they just seem to be random