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Hey guys,
I received this plant last week but was out of town until today. I wad told that it's source is kind of notorious for pests. There are these brownish black spots on the underside of leaves and stalk. I tried to scrape one off and couldnt so it seems to be in the leaves. Im going to hit it with bayers rose insecticide tomorrow. Any insight is appreciated. The plant is thorelli x (maxima x northiana) x mystery father plant. After unboxing my gf put it in sphagnum moss and left it onthe kitchen counter (low light). Ive since moved it under my t5, its quarantined from my nepenthes, but i have my drosera under the light as well. More pics to follow.
Here's a couple more shots. I'm not sure if they are sun spots or nectar spots PS3, I just assumed pest because of what I was told about where I got it.

Those are nectar glands. Perfectly normal.
I second that ,they are nectar glands and don't do what I did and unleash a barrage of chemicals on your plants trying to kill a nonexistent pest
Ok great, thanks a lot guys!
I guess I can breathe a sigh of relief, too!
I had spots exactly like that on my Ting tiger, except they were red.
The red ones seemed to disappear after dimming the lights.
People often mistake nectar glands for insects - you're not the first to be concerned about these, but as the others have said, you can relax - all is well.
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Thanks guys, just as i was relaxing i found another problem. Im just continuing in this thread because there are already pics and info on species and conditions. The plants newest leaf has a serious bend, you can compare this pic to the last ones and see how fast and severe it is. I've read that it could be water stress. Maybe its too close to the t5? Sorry for the sideways pic.20141113_093340.jpg
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