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Pest, disease, or benign crud?


Californian in DC
So I picked up a x Wrigleyana a couple weeks ago and the new leaf it put out has 2 lines of brown flecks that run in the direction of the main leaf stem. On the other side of the leaf, there are bumps where the flecks are. I poked around at them with my tweezers and I was able to kinda scrape them off, similar to scale bugs, but not like any scale I've ever seen. In the following photo is the bottom of the leaf, with two lines of the pits where the brown stuff is/was.


I scraped one of the larger brown bits off and took some pics of it through my crappy little microscope. Here's what a ~1.5mm x .5mm piece looks like:



Any ideas? You can view full res photos here.
looks like regular tissue from after an injury to the plant to me
Scale does take many different shapes, sizes, color, etc. Could be some weird tropical scale or just damage from scale at some point that leafs history. Any other leaves with similar symptoms?