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  1. BobZ

    CPN December 2012 issue (v41 n4) is now available

    Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 4, December 2012 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy will be mailed to members on November 30. CONTENTS • Drosera bicolor Lowrie & Carlquist • The digestive fluid of Drosera...
  2. mcmcnair


    This is my last -stravaganza thread until the Sarracenia are ready in spring. I think I have a pretty unique setup for my pinguicula. At least I've never seen anyone else with a setup like it. I'll start with a tutorial showing how I made my setup for my pings. In the tutorial, the plant...
  3. astateen

    Astateen's Growlist

    I mainly grow native plants, from Florida and Georgia, and carnivores. If anyone is interested in native plants and their ecosystems of Florida, check out Priceless Florida, printed by the Pineapple Press. The book really gave me a new perspective on the really unique and dynamic ecosystems of...
  4. cp777

    cp777's grow/trade list

    My grow list Nepenthes N. ventricosa N. sanguinea ( a red form) N. thorelii x densiflora N. maxima x veitchii (x allardii) N. alata x khasiana N. ventricosa x fusca N. ventricosa x maxima N. spathulata x alata Heliamphora H. heterodoxa Drosera D. adelae D. binata “marston's dragon” D...
  5. richjam1986

    richjam1986's growlist

    Grow list: (updated 3/13/2013) Monotypic Genus’: Darlingtonia californica Coastal variety Mountain variety Dioneae macipula: Typical ‘Meadowview’ Typical ‘Macy’s red trap (distributor’s name?) ‘B-52’ Drosophyllum lusitanicum Typical Cephalotus follicularis Typical...
  6. thez_yo

    Voting for Plan of the Month July 2012 (pics and link to voting)

    Voting for Plant of the Month July 2012 (pics and link to voting) Great job guys! Here's the original entry thread: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?131448-Plant-of-the-Month-July-2012 and linky to voting...
  7. land_pro

    land_pro's growlist

    Sarrs Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle Alata- 3 Alata x Leucophylla ‘Birds Beak’ dixie lace Flava – 2 Flava var Ornata Flava var Rubricorpora - 5 Gilipini 'big red' Judith hindle Leucophylla Leucophylla hybrid - 7 Leucophylla 'Tarnook' Leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Minor...
  8. SDCPs

    Wanted: extra 6" and 4" plastic pots

    I have drosophyllum seeds, p. lusitanicum seeds, a host of tropical sundew seeds and plants to trade in exchange. I'm interested in larger numbers or uniform pots, not just 1 or 2 since they cost cents. Thanks!
  9. SDCPs

    Wanted Seeds: D. slackii, D. adelae, D. regia, P. gigantea

    Wanted Seeds: D. slackii, D. adelae, D. regia I have drosophyllum lusitanicum and a host of other seeds (mostly tropical drosera) to trade!
  10. M

    some photos..

    some photos after the winter... cephalotus follicularis drosophyllum lusitanicum Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia hybrid and more
  11. SDCPs

    Drosophyllum Lusitanicum in 14" pots Video

    Just a relaxing video of the wind blowing the leaves of my dewy pines. I hope the rest flower soon :) Drosophyllum http://youtu.be/KiYcggN-CFc
  12. nepenthes99

    nepenthes99's growlist

    Drosera- D. intermedia D. filiformis D. rotundifolia D. burmannii D. spatulata D. binata ssp. multifida D. Binata Giant Form D. madagascariensis D. capensis ( typical and alba ) D. dielsiana D. slackii D. admirabilis D. binata ssp. dichotoma D. aliciae D. roseana D. binata typical D...
  13. DJ57

    DJ57's plant thread

    Thought I may as well start my own pic thread. Outside CPs are still in their winter sleep, so I will start with some of my indoor plants. This is my first year growing nepenthes, so excited to get pitchers starting in my care N. Clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) [/IMG] [/IMG] N. Ventrata [/IMG]...
  14. DJ57

    Some of my indoor CPs

    My first attempt at growing some indoor stuff. The N. Clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) I got from a local nursery a few months ago. The N. Deroose, N. ventrata, and D. roseana from gemmae I received from some very generous TF people. The ceph I got last fall and going to attempt leaf pullings this...
  15. Cthulhu138

    My photo thread.

    Well I suppose it's long overdue that I start a photo thread so, here it is............. D. spatulata D. slackii looking angry after being re-potted. D. capillaris - Giant D. capillaris D. hamiltonii Super mad after being re- potted. D. brevifolia D. adelae D. regia Baby eating a...
  16. pills23

    Pills23's photo thread

    I finally got a little P&S camera so thought it was time to share some pics. Eventually I'll work on improving my photography skills... Here's an overview of my grow rack - T5HOs on top, T12s on the bottom: Some 'dews: D. capensis: D. aliciae: Bog bowl with D. x tokaiensis and D...
  17. H

    }{@z3's Grow/Wants/Trades

    Plants S. purpurea var. purpurea S. Judith Hindle S. Ruba Dionea "Blood" Dionea "Akai Ryu" Drosera Filiformis Drosera Spatulata Drosera Capensis "Red" Drosera Alba Cephalotus Follicularis Seeds these are all in stratification right now so im not sure of the outcome...
  18. Cthulhu138

    New Grow Tent

    Finally got this up and running. Still needs a little tweaking but, it's a start.... <a href="http://s1109.photobucket.com/albums/h434/Nepenthes138/?action=view&current=greenhouse001.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h434/Nepenthes138/greenhouse001.jpg"...
  19. pills23

    Pills23's growlist

    Drosera: D. aliciae D. callistos "Brookton form" D. capensis typical D. capensis "red" D. capensis "alba" D. filiformis ssp. filiformis D. intermedia D. madagascarensis D. multifida "extrema" D. peltata D. peltata ssp. auriculata (seedling) D. regia D. roseana D. scorpioides D. tokaiensis D...
  20. Werdna

    Genlisea aurea and margaretae for Research

    I am working with a researcher at the University of Arizona who is studying carnivorous plant genomes. He is particularly interested in plants with the smallest genomes and Genlisea aurea and margaretae are at the top of his list. It is difficult to obtain much test material because these plants...