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  1. elgecko

    Super sexy centerfolds! - pictures look!

    I went a little camera happy today and snapped a few shots. For us CP growers these shots make great centerfolds. Cephalotus follicularis Drosophyllum lusitanicum Drosera sessilifolia Pinguicula esseriana Pinguicula lusitanica Pinguicula moranensis - I hope it turns as pink as it...
  2. seedjar

    Joe knows how to grow!

    Last updated: 2008.04.27 ------- --- Growing: - CPs: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionea muscipula var. 'Big Mouth' 'Creeping Death' 'Dente' 'Finetooth + Red' 'Green Dragon' 'Petite Dragon' 'Pink Venus' 'Red Dragon' Typical Drosera adelae anglica binata binata binata...
  3. noah

    Trip to forbes' house

    Hi all, I went over to see Forbes' house to see his U. nelumbifolia in bloom. I brought my camera and took quite a few pictures, so here are a few for those of you who haven't been so fortunate as to see his collection in person. Dionaea muscipula "Fang" Sarracenia flava... Anyone wanna...
  4. P

    D. lusitanicum seeds

    Six D. lusitanicum seeds that I purchased from Mr. Allen Lowrie a couple of months ago. I have always had very good germination rates form D. lusitanicum that I have gotten from Lowrie so I would expect the same from this batch. Postage happily paid by me. Brian ----------------- Edit: Please...
  5. CP30

    Cp30's list

    THIS LIST IS MORE THAN 5 YEARS OUTDATED, UNFORTUNATELY MY COLLECTION IS SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER AND LESS DIVERSE I plan to updated 12/2014 - THE BUG IS BACK, THE ITCH RENEWED! Underlined words are linked to pictures please PM with any correction to spelling or cultivars (or anything else!)...
  6. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  7. elgecko

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum growers, question

    Now that spring is here, I have been thinking of placing my Drosophyllum lusitanicum outside. Over the winter it has gotten a little leggy. It would really appreciate having the sun beat down on it all day, which is what it will get in the location I place it. The thing that worries me is that...
  8. R

    Rob-rah - uk - growlist

    (Updated April 2005) Some (as marked) is seed awaiting germination... <span style='color:green'>Aldrovanda</span> Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland - Bestcarnivorousplants) <span style='color:green'>Byblis</span> Byblis gigantea (Bibbulman Track, robust - Allen Lowrie) (seed)...
  9. N

    My growlist

    Nepenthes N. alata N. albomarginata 'Green' N. albomarginata 'Penang' N. albomarginata 'Kuching' N. ampullaria 'Green' N. ampullaria 'Spotted' N. bellii N. bellii x sibuyanensis N. bicalcarata N. bicalcarata x ampullaria N. x coccinea N. distillatoria N. 'Gentle' N. gracilis N. gracilis x...
  10. U

    Phong's growlist

    VFTs: Big Mouth 2 Blood Red Traps 1 B1 Creeping Death 1 Dentate Traps 2 Dingley Giant 1 Dead Dirk Ventham's Giant 1 Fang 1 Green Dragon 6-10 Dead G16 Adrian Slack's Giant 1 Hosford Florida 1 Gone Prostrate 2 Dead Red Pirahna f2 1 Gone Royal Red 1 South West Giant 1 Spider 1 Dead Typical 4...
  11. elgecko

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum upclose

  12. S

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a means (not for trade, since I don't have anything, and not from growers, since that's against the forum rules) of obtaining Drosophyllum lusitanicum seeds via a shop.  Are there any good sources out there I haven't discovered as of yet?  I'm only aware of B&T World...
  13. W

    Necps show

    OK, I'l start - This is what I plan on bringing for display at the NECPS Show Sat Oct 9: Grow Contest Plants, in 4 soil mixes Venus Flytrap "Red Rosette Giant x Burgundy Trap Giant Upright" Venus Flytrap Typical Venus Flytrap "Royal Red" Venus Flytrap "AKU Red Dragon" Cephalotus...
  14. S

    Seed for trade

    Hi all, I have a few seed packets I'd like to trade with anybody that may be interested. I'm basically interested in seed of other Drosera species but you can offer anything else and I may be interested (except Sarras, they take up too much space!). Here's the list- Drosera admirabilis- 5...
  15. D

    Drosophyllum alba?

    Hi there- I'm new to this forum but not new to cp's and orchids. Awhile back I'd germinated two seeds of D. Lusitanicum and one entirely lacks pigment in its glands! Has anyone ever heard of this? dan panetti S.E. Wisconsin
  16. M

    Doesn't anybody grow Drosophyllum !

    Just wanted to know how many people here cultivate Drosophyllum lusitanicum. If you do, just say "I do", although pics would be nice too. Thanks, Mike