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  • Hi, nice to hear from you. Not quite any mushrooms yet yet, today I transferred the plug spawn and bits of inoculated cardboard onto some coffee grounds from Starbucks. The mycelia are still growing. As for the edible mushrooms, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ystRW4rlqTk

    Oh, today I also found some coral mushrooms in the woods behind my house. They grow near some wild Drosera brevifolia. I will post some pictures soon.

    One last thing, I have a lot of Swamp Sunflower seeds, Helianthus angustifolius, to give away. It is a fast growing perennial that grows great in a bog but can do well in a pot too. Send me a SASE if you're interested.
    Hello. Any mushrooms yet? Just makin sure they havn't eatin you yet! lol Have you ever done one of the kits for edible mushrooms? I've been kickin it around and hoping for some insight/advice.
    The mass of hyphae is growing larger each day. It seems easy enough since they are just in a plastic bag with wet cardboard. I also inoculated some logs and put some in compost. I got mine off ebay if you would like to try as well. I'm not sure how they will grow in the long run, but we'll find out! I'm glad your into mushrooms too!
    Oh man, I can't blubber enough about mushrooms! :blahblah9xm: I bet even tho it does not glow brightly enough for photos that it still provides hour of pure enjoyment. If I thought I had a shot at growing mushrooms (decoratively) I would be all over it! So I will be keeping an eye on your progress whenever possible. I've got my fingers crossed for you to hopefully see fruit-bodies in your collection. :awesome:
    Just saw your grow-list. Bunch of very cool stuff! I am especially excited for you about the mushrooms and hope you could post a pic if you get a chance. Not sure why I could'nt reply in your grow list thread...maybe that's not how it works...I dunno, but in my excitement I had to track you down for a "props and good luck!".
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