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I finally got a little P&S camera so thought it was time to share some pics. Eventually I'll work on improving my photography skills...

Here's an overview of my grow rack - T5HOs on top, T12s on the bottom:

Some 'dews:

D. capensis:

D. aliciae:

Bog bowl with D. x tokaiensis and D. capensis "red" seedlings:

D. binata var multifida 'Extrema':

Young D. regia, still settling in and enjoying a meal:

D. madagascarensis that just arrived yesterday:

D. x Carburup, recovering after gemmae production:

D. callistos "Brookton form":

D. scorpioides:

D. peltata that arrived yesterday:

The Byblis liniflora forest:

My weird Drosophyllum lusitanicum (more info here):

Cephalotus follicularis, gaining some color after being moved under the T5s:

Cephalotus follicularis "Hummer's giant," small division I obtained in October - growing pretty quickly yet the lids won't open despite good water and humidity:

Small H. minor x heterodoxa division, settling in:

Recently obtained P. medusina in one of my hand-made pots:

Small P. 'Fraser beauty' or 'Pirouette' - anyone know?

N. ventricosa "red," my first nep which now has 2 basals:

N. spectabilis x aristolochioides, newly opened

N. vogelii:

N. ventricosa x hamata:

N. x "Song of Melancholy" - wish I could take credit for this pitcher, but it was on it when I got it:

N. x "Gothica" - largest pitcher I've grown:

N. lowii x truncata (wide peristome), when it first arrived from Tony:

My lowland terrarium:

Young N. ampullaria "spotted Brunei":

Young N. bicalcarata "orange flush," showing it's first baby teeth:

Young N. mirablis var. globosa "Viking," finally starting to show color, sitting in a pot of U. longifolia seedlings:

My living room window where I mainly grow hoyas and some other plants, in addition to a N. "Red Leopard" and some pings:

Nepenthes x "Red leopard," watching the snow fall:

Non-CP alert - Hoya lacunosa "sno caps" in bloom. I love this plant - blooms profusely and very fragrant:
Your plants look amazing. I really like your vent x hamata and SOM. All of your nepenthes look great though.
Everything looks awesome, good growing. That's one of the coolest "portraits" I've seen of a D. binata var multifida 'Extrema', bravo. XP
Everything looks great!

Your grow space is AMAZING!
nice collection,love the binata extrema and the D. madagascarensis hope it grows well for you,these are two plants on my wish list,do you let your binata go dormant or keep it growing all year under the lights
Everything looks pretty good. I think the regia would appreciate some cooler temps and a peat based media though.
And the ping looks like 'Pirouette', as 'Fraser beaute' tends to have a green stripe down the center of the leaves. At least in my experience growing it.
Corky - thanks. I've only been growing the plant for around 6 months, but I'll just let the plant do what it wants to do. It seemed semi-dormant when I got it, but has been growing well since.

Mass, thanks for the advice. I'm struggling to keep my temps down. My conditions are definitely more intermediate than highland. I'm trying to figure out the practicalities of keeping a truly highland environment in my small NYC apartment. :)
I may change soils the next time I repot. It's currently in dry sphagnum and perlite, with a top dressing of dry sphagnum, which is nice and slimy thanks to the soil fertilizations (sigh). I got it at the NECPS show in October and immediately repotted, and it took quite a hit as a result. It's finally growing nicely again, so I'm hesitant to mess with it right now.
Thanks for the ping info. I got these small plants at the same show, and the grower wasn't sure which they were.
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Nice looking collection!
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My beautiful new N. veitchii K arrived from Tony today:

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Youre right. That is a very very beautiful nepenthes. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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great plant hope it does well for you
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Thanks guys. She's made me realize I'm quickly running out of room. :)
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wow awesome plants! Its awesome that you live in NYC as well.
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Plants look fantastic. Well done..
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Holy Hamata!:0o:

Lookin good mang!
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Very nice. Regretting not picking up a wide form of the lowii x trunc every time someone posts a picture of one.