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Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 4, December 2012 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site:
Hard copy will be mailed to members on November 30.

Drosera bicolor Lowrie & Carlquist
• The digestive fluid of Drosera indica contains a cysteine endopeptidase (“droserain”) similar to dionain from Dionaea muscipula
• 2012 CPN reviewers
In vitro rooting of Nepenthes truncata Macf.
• Wounding and chemical treatment effects on Drosera capensis bud formation on leaf cuttings
Drosophyllum lusitanicum L
• The Roridulaceae
Drosera slackii Cheek
• Germination of 22-year-old Drosophyllum lusitanicum and Byblis gigantea seeds
• Apology
• Mail Delays?