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  1. SDCPs

    Goodies for YOUR TYPICAL Flytraps! My for trade list posted

    Please do not PM me. I will not respond. Instead, send an email to the address in the above photo with the subject as "Trade with __your name here__": What I want: Mature Typical Flytraps. I do NOT want multiple clones of the same plant. I want genetically different plants. Priority is given...
  2. C

    have a few dews to trade

    looking to trade some dews.....have small plants of the following: affinnis long arm pink capillaris 'tates hell bog' ivan's paddle collinasiae wide leaf cape alba cape x alicae marstons dragon prolifera spatulatha med plants: prolifera alicae 'table mountain' check my growlist....will...
  3. bluemax

    Big, hairy cape

    This plant sprouted from seeds I now believe to be field-collected in South Africa that were marked "Drosera hilaris" and sold as such. Obviously not the right species. While I will never do business with that particular merchant again I thought this one plant was a bit different and sort of...
  4. C

    confirm cape drosera identity

    this plant was traded to me as an alba cape x alicae but to me it just looks like a broad leaf cape that is not albino. Care to weigh in?
  5. C

    looks like my order arrived early

    I decided to break down and actually invest something recently and placed an order with ********. For the most part I am impressed moreso with the drosera. I ordered a d. x watari and the plant not only arrived in vgc but little did i know they are potted, still dewing but seems to be some...
  6. Homedawg76

    Cape sundew seeds for SASE

    I have 7 packets of drosera capensis typical seeds to give away. 15 flowers worth of seed spread into 8 parts, you'll get 1 part. If anyone is interested add your name to the list. Ill then pm you the address you have to send your SASE to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  7. C

    anyone want to trade some of their non-temperate sundews?

    I have a few extra's atm. madagascarensis like 2 in tall mature and seeding dielsiana nice looking marston's dragon...med size indica....3-4 in tall mature and seeding nidiformis about 3 in tall 1 mature spat 1 small alicae 2 small collinsaei 2 small affinnis which were the result of...
  8. C

    advanced spatulata growing techniques

    spatulata growing q? ok advanced was the wrong choice of words but oh well. This whole phenomena began when I somehow through the use of forces beyond my comprehension got one of my chic friends into growing cp's. I gave her a typical cape and a spat....both forgiving and rewarding cp's as...
  9. land_pro

    can anybody help me with my want list?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to fill my cape sundew list and would like to see if anybody can help me. I have: Drosera capensis Typical (x5) Drosera capensis 'Albino' (x1) (Had)Drosera capensis 'All Red' I'm looking for: Drosera capensis 'All Red' Drosera capensis 'Bains Kloof' Drosera capensis...
  10. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking for Gemmae

    Hello, I'm looking for any gemmae not on this list. Please email me at jeremiah@leilaninepenthes.com My Grow List... Drosera allantostigma Drosera androsacea Drosera callistos Drosera citrina Drosera closterostigma Drosera closterostigma (Mogumber form) Drosera dichrosepala Drosera...
  11. C

    sarracenia, drosera and dionaea for trade

    For trade are the following: 1 good sized dionaea typical 1 good sized drosera intermedia carolina giant 1 good sized filiformis var traci(plant is vigorous) 1 small dionaea fused tooth 1 very small dionaea fused tooth 1 very small dionaea pink venus 1 sarracenia rubra 1 sarracenia flava...
  12. Homedawg76

    Strange flower stalk protrusions.

    I have another question. I was wondering what these tentacle things growing out of the flower stalk are. (its a cape sundew) How common, or uncommon, are these, and have you ever seen these on your plants? Heres a picture. and a zoomed picture.
  13. C

    Drosera trinervia on Lion's Head - South Africa

    Hi, directly after arriving in Cape Town we wanted to do a short afternoon walk and decided to go to the Signal Hill with the close by Lion's Head. Hallo, There were no clouds at all, so we could enjoy spectacular views down to Cape Town and the Table Mountains. The temperature were around...
  14. C

    how to harvest seeds from cape sundew

    I have a wide leaf cape and the bud it has pushed up is huge. this will be my first endeavor with getting seeds is there a trick to it? I want to keep some for myself but also want to share some too bc it looks like there will be PLENTY.
  15. Ozzy

    Sad Day......Stanley Rehder has Died

    You may not know his name but you probably know of him. S.Readii was named for him. He did a lot of work for cp's. It's a great loss but all of us that loves cps are better off for the life long work he did. I talked to his daughter a few weeks ago, he'll be missed...
  16. Homedawg76

    Sundew leaves bending? Help.

    Im wondering what could cause my cape sundews leaf tips to start pointing down and not making dew. The other parts of the leaf look fine. Temperatures are between 85-60 degrees *fahrenheit. Humidity 20-50%. light doesn't seem to be the problem because its still making red tentacles. I did...
  17. C

    Drosera Capensis ID

    I have this capensis for a while and was curious about what it is. I was told it was a typical but after receiving an actual typical I learned it is not. It was suggested it is a wide leaf. Is there any chance it is one of those blains kloof capensis? Reason I ask is I have had this thing since...
  18. Jcal

    free sundews

    I have about 5 sets of sundews I can send to anyone who wants them. The set will include a small clump of aliciae, one red cape, and a binata seedling. Other random drosera seeds that will be included in each set. I did not seperate the seeds so you will receive the stalk and all! If you are...
  19. C

    cpbobby's growlist

    Nepenthes: Bicalcarata Mirabilis Var Echinostoma Baramensis Winged Grabilis Nigro Grabilis Nigro Gracilis Anamensis Coccinae Ampullaria "Crimson" as I call it. Miranda King Tiger Northiana Sarracenia: Aerolata Alata Catsbae Bog witch Pur x Minor Scarlet Belle Maroon Throat Alata Leucophelia...
  20. rattler

    pics for the hunters of the board.......no dead animals shown for anyone sensitive...

    found(not by me unfortunately) near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone in Montana..... my buddy's boy and my oldest showing them off the guy has a spare cape and is gonna get them mounted.....IIRC he sad the horns themselves score 160 before even starting to guess what...