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Drosera trinervia on Lion's Head - South Africa


directly after arriving in Cape Town we wanted to do a short afternoon walk and decided to go to the Signal Hill with the close by Lion's Head.


There were no clouds at all, so we could enjoy spectacular views down to Cape Town and the Table Mountains. The temperature were around 30°C, a really nice day!





You will have to pass some ladders to reach the top.


Besides many interesting plants, you can also find some nice animals there.





At the point that we needed to go back (it was already late afternoon) we found the first carnivorous plants of our tour! It was Drosera trinervia, most likely the most widespread species of the Western Cape:



The way back was a bit adventurous. We had no problem to return from the Lion's Head, but we could not find a good way to walk down from Signal Hill to Sea Point, so we decided to go straight down (which is for sure not the best option for some parts of the Signal Hill). We finally arrived in Sea Point only to find out, that we had no idea where exactly we were, so we asked somebody to call a Taxi for us to get back to our hotel. We arrived there at 19pm. Luckily the lady at the hotel was kind enough to take our rental car, which was arranged for 18pm that day. We were totally tired that evening (a 15hrs flight + 5hrs walk), so we went to eat something and went sleeping soon after.

Great pictures, Christian! Thank you for sharing them.
yes very great. i take it the dry season is about to kick in? awesome that you got to take pics of the plants before they regressed into dormancy.

thanks for the nice comments! Yes, the dry season is going to start soon in south africa. This will decrease the number of species, that can be found dramaticaly. The trip has actualy been planed to see carnivorous plants, so we choosed the right time. I have lots of plants and locations more to show in the near future

please do! i look forward to seeing images of D. alba, hilaris, cistiflora, and regia. just to name a few!
I feel like I just went on vacation. sucks to be back home already.. Think we need some more pics. :awesome:
Great pictures. Can't wait till you post more
It's good to see more photos from you.

Off topic question for you. Since you've seen D. cistiflora in situ I figured you'd know. What temperatures does D. cistiflora experience during it's growing season?

depending on the location i can imagine temperatures between close to 0°c at night and up to a bit more than 30°c at day. I would estimate, that the average temperatures are somewhere around 10°C at night and a bit more than 20°C during the day. You should have in mind, that the plants grow in the south african winter, which can be quite chilly during night and quite nice at day. The plants are for sure not growing in heat ;) Also, Drosrea cistiflora is very widespread, so it is almost impossible to give good figures, that do fit every population.

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Don't know how I missed this thread. Thank you for posting, love seeing pics of far away places and CPs in the wild. Hope you will keep posting of your travels!