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can anybody help me with my want list?

Hey guys,
I'm trying to fill my cape sundew list and would like to see if anybody can help me.
I have:
Drosera capensis Typical (x5)
Drosera capensis 'Albino' (x1)
(Had)Drosera capensis 'All Red'

I'm looking for:
Drosera capensis 'All Red'
Drosera capensis 'Bains Kloof'
Drosera capensis 'Wide Leaf'
Drosera capensis 'Giant'

I'm not sure if I missed any different types, if I did please let me know. I will be updating my growlist in a couple days and in it I'm going to add a extras list so people can see what I can offer in return.
Thank You,
i have seeds of the giant form. sase pm me for address
Where are you located? I don't ship any plants east of the Rockies Nov. through Feb - March. I might have some "red" seed.