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have a few dews to trade

looking to trade some dews.....have small plants of the following:

long arm pink capillaris 'tates hell bog'
ivan's paddle
wide leaf cape
alba cape x alicae
marstons dragon

med plants:

alicae 'table mountain'

check my growlist....will trade for any dew not on it but if you are willing to part with a specimen then pls inquire about plants that are on my growlist bc i may trade anyway if it is better than mine :). also consider mexican pings.
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I've D. hartmeyerorum and B. liniflora seeds to trade....
^ perhaps.....

top of my want list are the following:

any erect african sundews other than madagascar and indica.
anglica hawaii
charles darwin rotundafolia
giant rotundafolia
giant cape
bains kloof cape
bains rocket cape
drosera hybrids
isnt charles darwin rotundafolia and giant form of rotundefolia same thing??? thats what i heard... you wouldnt want my giant rotundefolia really.... :)
ha! i assumed the giant rotundafolia was a mutation and the charles darwin was a result of cross breeding.
ras, pls empty your inbox. thx.
I could propagate anything in my growlist with a couple of months, if you would be interested. I would be looking for prolifera and affinis mostly. Just PM me if you're interested.

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sorry i have all of the dews in your list :(...i will pm you anyway.
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would you trade a prolifeta for a pinguicula primuliflora? i have a few spatulatas too.