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how to harvest seeds from cape sundew

I have a wide leaf cape and the bud it has pushed up is huge. this will be my first endeavor with getting seeds is there a trick to it? I want to keep some for myself but also want to share some too bc it looks like there will be PLENTY.
I just pull out the petals and then role the base of the flower gently between my fingers over a white sheet of paper, the front of the flower facing down so that the seeds can fall out. Do this until seeds stop falling and then move on to the next one. You will get some stamens and other junk in with the seeds, but they don't harm anything. This is the least time and energy demanding method that I personally have found, but would like to hear other methods as well.

If you want a cleaner seed (the junk out of the way), follow this:

Edit: So, the extra junk CAN encourage fungus growth when you sow the seeds, so it probably is better to clean the seeds. I just don't want to spend the extra time usually, and I haven't seen negative effects yet.
hey thx......this is the first cp i got in may...it seems to be a right good size dwarfing the typical next to it. Atm it is somewhat fussy about the light but since the temps are fluctuating and it is hinting of getting cooler i decided to bring it in with some of my other african sundews; so thought i would share: