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looks like my order arrived early

I decided to break down and actually invest something recently and placed an order with ********. For the most part I am impressed moreso with the drosera. I ordered a d. x watari and the plant not only arrived in vgc but little did i know they are potted, still dewing but seems to be some extra's as well which consist of 2 binata varities, either an extra watari but looks more like a red cape actually and an unknown variety of ultrica which I hope blooms so I can identify it. Only negative thing to say is the sphagnum.....i really HATE IT when drosera or smaller cp's with root systems come in that stuff bc 1. most likely I will put the plant in another pot and more importantly 2. it really makes separating the plant a task without seriously injuring it.

That being said the pot/arrangement does look nice.

I also rcd a spotted pink veitchi with a striped golden peristome which has been grown/acclimated in lowland conditions but I am letting the plant that/warm up before taking a pic but it is forthcoming. It is a larger specimen than I anticipated and will REALLY motivate me to enlarge my grow chamber .

my overall opinion....for the drosera i felt I got more than what I paid for and for the nepenthes....eh about breaking even maybe a little more considering the care involved in growing/shipping them....that being said the sundew wasn't cheap and the nepenthes was priced fairly I believe.


here is the veitchii. not a great pic but I didn't want to mess with the plant much either maybe is a few days or so I will make another effort. I talked with someone on the phone and they said they would make sure to get me one that showed some good striping so judging from what I see I think I will be happy with it when it gets older.