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advanced spatulata growing techniques

spatulata growing q?

ok advanced was the wrong choice of words but oh well.

This whole phenomena began when I somehow through the use of forces beyond my comprehension got one of my chic friends into growing cp's. I gave her a typical cape and a spat....both forgiving and rewarding cp's as well as so common one can't give spats away unless they are added to an existing trade as a "gift" :-D. Anyway I knew her conditions were less than ideal but the plants would be able to adapt. To my surprise her spat ended up huge compared to mine; which kinda worked out by generating a little more enthusiasm which hopefully at some point will motivate her to go out on her own but if not it will still benefit me bc it will be like free grow space :). So I am in the process of replicating her results and have narrowed it down for the most part.

ok i have almost got it figured out but not entirely sure which of the 2 variables it is.....with my spats.....in a different pot with less light and reduced humidity they actually grow bigger than my normal non-temperate drosera pot; however the spat in the normal non-temperate pot is more bushy. my guess however is the reduced light intensity. also makes me wonder if any other varieties will act in a similar manner. I can say for certain that so far the dielsiana doesn't prefer it.

any input?

see below:

bushy spat


larger spat(keep in mind when it was transplanted it was actually smaller than the bushy one)

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My guess is that LESS light makes the leaves elongate, like they're search for more light. MORE light makes them shorter.
This has happened to me many times before. Higher light levels make for a more compact, much healthier sundew. The color up much faster wwhen in conditions for this kind of growth.
hmmm i wonder what would happen if at first they elongate then get more light...would the plant keep it's current size or shrink?
They shrink. I've done a lot of experiments with my spats.